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Table Sculptures and Figurines

Table Sculptures and Figurines

Table sculptures and figurines bring an artistic weight to your home decorating. Choose from angel figurines, animal statues, mermaid shelf sitters, and more beautifully-detailed figurines and statues.

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Bring a dramatic presence to your home with decorative sculptures and figurines. With stunning realistic details, these accents can evoke mythical sights and heartwarming feelings alike. Let angel figurines grace your vignette with radiant wings and tender expressions. Mermaid statues basking above your coastal candles or seashell display lend an enchanting aura. Or, you can place a meditative buddha alongside an incense bowl for a pinch of serenity. Find a statue for sale that will reinvigorate your tablescape.

First and foremost, find a figurine or sculpture that suits the location you want to decorate. Browse our collection of shelf sitter figurines for charming characters that will enliven your bookshelves, mantel, accent tables, and baker's rack. Our attractive selection of decorative statues and figurines is perfect for coffee tables, pedestals, or even near the fireplace hearth.

Weave nature into your design aesthetic with animal statues. Long-lashed giraffe sculptures emit safari vibes, while thundering broncos add an Old West feel. Or, connote lasting love with abstract swans and motherly elephants. Finally, cat and dog sculptures will charm with their expressive eyes and amusing antics. Find plenty of animal sculptures for sale, and grant a spirited touch to any space.

Many home decor sculptures explore a range of human subjects as well. Love and family sculptures will remind you of those nearest your heart. If you love Art Deco, adorn your curio with chic flapper girl figurines. Or, celebrate the demure fashions of the 1800s with Victorian Era figurines. Aristocratic women clutching fashion purses and wearing stylish hats impart an air of grace. Revel in artistic pageantry with Japanese geisha figures; these charming entertainers wear colorful kimonos and pluck stringed instruments. Browse our elegant lady figurines to find even more feminine icons, from ballgowned beauties to Masai African lady figurines.

Looking to change the mood of a particular room? Indoor statues leave quite an impression, whether they depict everyday marvels or heavenly sights. Angel sculptures, for example, reflect a quiet tranquility and grace. Or, evoke a magical sensibility with fairy figurines and mermaid shelf sitters. Contemporary sculptures for home decor instill a vogue atmosphere, like living in a mod art museum.

You can even switch up your look outside the house! Create an outdoor retreat that still feels like home with garden artwork. Napping cats, Greek maidens, and more garden sculptures give an animated appearance to your environs. With a few outdoor statues, your porch or patio will come to life.

Build new worlds or honor old ones with these captivating accents. Let decorative statues and figurines enrich your abode with their remarkable attention to detail.