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Kitchen Floor Mats

Kitchen Floor Mats

Browse kitchen floor mats in standard and runner sizes, and sink your toes into cushy memory foam each time you do the dishes or cook at the stove. Floral prints, fruit designs, Tuscan roosters, and more motifs lend colorful appeal to these mats in shades from burgundy to navy blue.

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At the heart of it all, kitchen floor mats were designed to cushion your step while you're preparing a meal or tackling the dishes. Traditionally, they're placed at the foot of the sink or the stove for just this purpose. But, make no mistake—these mats are not purely functional! The bright colors and lively motifs also aid in more visual aspects of your kitchen. Take a bright red found in your slice mat, for example, and tie it into a line of canisters atop your counter. Or, work an earthy green into the valance hanging just over your window for a harmonious effect.

Start by considering the width of the space you intend to decorate with your new mat. If you're trying to coax some life out of the snug kitchenette in your apartment, you'll want a mat 35"x22" in size. A memory foam kitchen mat printed with grapes, oranges, and pears would look quite enchanting in this smaller space. See if you can take these warm, painterly tones to your table setting, where russet-orange chair cushions lend a playful pop.

Perhaps you aim to accentuate the floor space alongside a kitchen island, however, and you're in need of something a bite wider. Here, try a kitchen runner mat adorned with a black, brown, and cream rooster. Hints of gold and rust lend a certain brilliance to this mat, which wouldn't look out of place in an aged Tuscan-inspired setting. A row of wrought iron lanterns along with a flourish of greenery adds rustic interest to the tops of your cabinets.

How else can a memory foam rug bring appeal to your kitchen? Find a slice mat ornamented with blue, pink, and red flowers on a soft ivory background. Now your blue cafe curtains can take on a whole new quality, highlighted as they are by the colors on the floor. If you've modeled your kitchen after a vineyard, however, you might try a memory foam kitchen rug adorned with wine bottles and grape bunches. It's just the thing to really complete the atmosphere of a room inhabited by wine barrel sconces and merlot-colored placemats.

For those who like to be in a summery state-of-mind year-round, pick a padded kitchen mat depicting palm fronds and tropical leaves. Then, accentuate your table with natural textures like a jute table runner or perhaps a woven seagrass basket filled with exotic foliage. Bamboo shades let warm slatted sunlight into your kitchen while you glaze pineapple pork chops, your toes sunk luxuriously into a soft layer of memory foam.

More than anything, however, these stylish mats make the kitchen a less stressful, more convenient place to cook and clean. Find a spill- and stain-resistant mat that holds up to whatever mess happens to drip off your stovetop onto the floor below. Plus, non-slip kitchen mats help prevent falls and keep your kitchen floors looking spick-and-span.

Get ready to relax into a kitchen as beautiful as it is comfortable with a brand new kitchen mat in just your color and style!