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Wall Plaques

Wall Plaques

Put family wall decor with loving quotes on display, or hang a few wall plaques featuring grapes, Victorian cameos, roosters, or even cherubs.

Also shop pallet wood signs and more love wall decor, perfect for any wedding photo display. Plus, find plenty of inspirational signs and house rules artwork with uplifting sayings.

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What does the writing on the wall have to say about your decor? In the family room, wall decor plaques convey a sense of togetherness and love, while fruit accents in the kitchen might hint at culinary finesse—or at the very least, a genuine love for food!

Whatever you decide to hang up, wall plaques will have a transformative impact on your surroundings. For starters, mix love wall decor in with your favorite photos, merging the personal and the artistic for a beautiful effect. "Love Never Fails," carved into pine pallet wood is just perfect amongst your country-themed wedding pictures.

On the other hand, you might want to mix a more polished, contemporary look into a traditional setting. Go for love plaques decreeing "Happily Ever After" in ivory wooden letters. Displayed prominently over a console table, this word art plays off the procession of picture frames along the table's surface. If you can find a way to work the ivory hue into the frames themselves, so much the better!

You can also celebrate the bond between you and your loved ones with family wall plaques. Find metal art featuring an openwork tree and a heartening sentiment about love, strength, and family. This piece can be hung over the sofa along with square canvas prints of all your favorite vacation photos. Pick up the black in this touching plaque with toss pillows on the cushions below.

Looking for something more motivational? Find wood wall plaques proclaiming ocean wisdom, ranch rules, and inspirational religious text, so you never lose sight of what's truly important. You might choose a whitewash sign that instructs you to "Relax, Unwind, Enjoy." Mounted over a cozy reading nook with a watercolor print chair and a bright lamp, this sign will encourage you to while away many an afternoon doing just that.

Bring a quick boost to just about any room, whether that's old-fashioned powder room plaques for the bath or fruits and wine for the kitchen. Wall plaques decreeing "Good Food, Good Wine, Good Friends" will get you and your guests in the mood for a lighthearted dinner.

Create an atmosphere of warmth and compassion, carefree coastal bliss, or classic splendor with decorative wall plaques.