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Touch of Class

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Traditional Wall Art

Traditional Wall Art

Metal wall art panels, fleur-de-lis wall accents and more comprise our traditional wall art. Peruse this section for nostalgic pieces, including medallion wall art, classical wall plaques and mirrored wall sculptures.

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Metal Wall Art Panels for Traditional Appeal

Metal wall art panels filled with scrolling motifs will grant historic splendor to your vertical vignette. Framing a traditional window treatment, a metal panel set creates a majestic look. You can also incorporate fleur-de-lis wall art into your decor. Whether depicted in a wall accent set or portrayed on some metal wall art, fleurs make for a noble atmosphere. Browse our traditional wall art section for a variety of timeless pieces. From wall plaques to mirrored wall art, pinpoint a composition that borrows from classic styles.

Keep eyes moving along your arrangement with scroll wall art. Scrollwork coupled with fleurs brings old-fashioned allure to metal wall plaques. Or, select a set of wooden wall art panels, and exude a reminiscent touch with raised scrolls on an antiqued rust background. Deck out your bedroom; swirling wall art displayed above a traditional bed ensemble makes for a magnificent approach. Finally, if you prefer a more organic outlook, adorn walls with potted plant or urn metal wall art. Leafy vines form elegant scrolls as they spill from the opening of a Tuscan urn.

Shop Medallion, Fleur de Lis & Mirrored Wall Art

Add a dash of whimsy with metal wall medallions. Find a wall accent that combines nine blocks in seafoam green, mustard yellow, aqua mist and a melange of other hues. Or, flaunt a singular piece with medallion metal wall art in washed green, bronze and gold. The layered look will liven up your indoor or outdoor setting. If you're looking for a more regal statement, however, present metal fleurs-de-lis. Wall decor that incorporates this ancient emblem will boost a stately area rug or handcarved bench. Use fleur wall accents or fleur wall panel sets to enrich any room.

From fleur-de-lis wall art to Greek wall plaques, these wall artworks radiate evocative beauty. Shop our selection for artwork that will invigorate your display.