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Oversized Grande Bedspreads

Oversized Grande Bedspreads

Adorn deep mattresses with oversized king bedspreads, plus full, queen, or California king sizes. Featuring designs from stripes to damask print, these bed covers are as stylish as they are sizable.

Pick out your favorite color, whether that's solid blue or a blend of ruby and gold.

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If you have trouble getting up into bed at night, your mattress might just be oversized. From king bedspreads to twin, find floor length bed linens that actually fit the entirety of your bed. After all, the whole point of owning a bedspread is to show off that fluid, continuous look that elegantly sweeps the floor!

So, where should you start? The best place is to determine the length and width of your mattress. A standard queen mattress, for example, is generally 60"x80". You would want to browse oversized queen bedspreads that account for the length and width, as well as the extra thickness of your mattress. On the other hand, if your bed dimensions are 72"x84", you should try for an oversized California king bedspread. Keep in mind that this is different from a standard king size mattress, which is 76"x80".

From there, it's best to move on to color. Oversized bedspreads feature anything from deep blues to low-key neutrals, so take a cue from the decor already on display in your bedroom. For example, does your rug feature elaborate florals on a muted mauve background? Then choose your favorite from extra large bedspreads in light cream, and go for a more subtle print to offset those on the floor covering below.

Extra large bedspreads in blue, meanwhile, are believed to bring a calming aspect to your surroundings. Try to build on this placid atmosphere with a long, narrow canvas hung over the headboard: a dreamy, abstract haze of cool tones allows you to work other pigments, like robust purples or sprightly greens, into your curtains, pillows, or even a bench at the foot of your bed.

Wondering how to go about choosing the right pattern for your room? It's important to take into account the quantity and scale of other prints in the room. Does it consist mostly of unbroken solids or small-scale prints? In that case, you can get away with the large, ornate damasks on one of our oversized Cal King bedspreads.

But what if your room is already teeming with designs? You can prevent visual overload with an extra wide king bedspread in a solid shade, such as rose quartz or charcoal gray. Finally, if you have one or two large-scale patterns, go for a smaller, less obtrusive design like embroidered florals or slender stripes.

If you love the no-fuss style of bedspreads but your mattress is on the thicker side, search no further. A bed covering in just the right size, color, and style awaits.