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Elegant Ladies Figurine Collection
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Elegant Ladies Figurine Collection

Peruse a glamorous selection of elegant lady figurines and shelf sitters. Show off a Victorian female statue, an art deco figurine, or a more modern piece featuring a long-haired damsel. Colors from lilac to pale blush will play up similar shades in your curtains or toss pillows.

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Whether you love the Jazz Age or the Victorian Era, vintage figurines bring feminine allure to any display. Waltz your way through the Elegant Ladies Figurine Collection for a southern belle sculpture, art deco statue, plus countless other glamorous beauties.

    Looking to lend an old-fashioned vibe to your southern plantation-style house? Longing for a prim and proper accent in your Victorian-inspired living room? Pinpointing a stylish piece is as easy as identifying which time period you want to recreate.

  • Victorian: Characterized by ornate fashions and nature-inspired motifs, this historic look is only amplified with a Victorian female statue. Accentuate a mirrored perfume tray with a vintage lady decked out in a pastel gown. A matching parasol conveys her high social status. Or, proudly showcase an antique tea set on your credenza, then create historical context with a gorgeous Victorian statue. Her lace petticoat and bustle hark back to a more extravagant time.
  • 1920s: Art deco lady figurines are just the thing to play off that stylish vintage print hanging above your console table. Donned in sparkling gowns and bejeweled headscarves, these Jazz Age divas cultivate an air of refinement. Shelf sitters and vanity mirrors grant a flirtatious vibe to a recessed wall niche or a makeup table as well. Choose your favorite, whether bedizened in gold, midnight blue, or ivory hues.
  • Modern: You don't have to reach far into the past for a stunning depiction of womanly grace. Discover a long-haired beauty draped across a chaise lounge, her blush dress spilling onto the floor where her high heels rest below. Or, showcase an elegant lady shelf sitter, her dusty aqua gown cascading over the edge of your bookshelf. If a more current look is what you seek, showcase one of these lovely statuettes.

Add amorous appeal to your home decor with beautiful lady statues for shelves and tabletops. Whether she poses on a ledge or from atop your bedroom dresser, an elegant lady is all you need for a hint of drama.