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Kitchen Window Treatments

Kitchen Window Treatments

Find any color imaginable for your cafe curtains. Blue, red, white, or ivory, they're sure to reimagine your kitchen. Lengths from 24" to 36" ensure generous coverage for your window.

Top it all off with a matching valance, whether it features fruit patterns, lacework designs, or embroidered florals.

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Give your kitchen the ambience of a cozy European coffeehouse with cafe curtains. Blue ruffles, lacework designs, and gingham prints all add character to this space. Pair tier panels with a matching valance for an ensemble that diffuses light while still adding privacy, and you'll soon have a favorite place to sip your morning cuppa!

Pinpoint tiers in a variety of colors and lengths, including 24-, 30-, and 36-inch. White tier curtains will keep your surroundings looking buoyant and lightweight. Brown kitchen curtains and valances, meanwhile, are perfect for your own little rustic cafe. If your room could use some visual interest, red kitchen window treatments are just the thing. Pull it all together with wine-colored cushions for your dining chairs and bench seat.

Beyond sizing and color, over-the-sink kitchen window treatments can create any sort of setting you have in mind. Do you long to spend brunch in a simple scene redolent with flowery fragrances? Choose floral cafe curtains that conjure up tea time in a sunny cottage. Embroidered sunflowers are a cheerful nod to nature, so you're free to incorporate other cute elements, like mushroom salt and pepper shakers.

Or, let white lace cafe curtains invite a vineyard vibe indoors. Grape bunches formed from meticulous lacework will expand on this verdant look. Find a bottle holder fashioned from reclaimed barrel staves, or go for a handpainted oil of wine bottles overlooking the Tuscan countryside. The artwork may take centerstage, but no one's eyes can resist the delightfully-unusual patterns adorning your windows.

Move along to the top of your window. If you want to create a gently-tapering effect with your swags, don't forget about the tailored valance in the center! Swags come in a pair, and the tailored valance is often hung in the middle of the two swags. This creates a more gradual, almost arched look that lends itself well to an elegant aesthetic. The additional fabric gathers in sumptuous folds that also heighten this romantic atmosphere.

Perhaps you're more in the school of trim and simple decorating, however. A tailored valance displayed all on its own forms a clean parallel line with the tiers hung below. Just remember—tiers are generally hung at the halfway point or 2/3s of the way up your window. You'll want to measure from where the curtain rod will be mounted down to the sill, to determine which length is right for you.

From macrame trim to colorful fruits, kitchen tiers will array your windows in all manner of eye-catching designs.