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Touch of Class

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Parrot Paradise Home Accents
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Parrot Paradise Home Accents

Pinpoint a parrot lamp, wall sculpture or canvas art set, when you shop our parrot paradise home accents. Browse our collection for parrot wall art, parrot-themed bedding and much more.

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Discover a Parrot Lamp & Other Decorations

Let a parrot lamp illuminate your seating arrangement, or discover parrot-themed wall art that will boost your tropical decor. Shop parrot wall sculptures, parrot canvas art and other parrot decor for a vivid burst of color. Parrot-themed lighting will brighten dim areas and introduce vibrant hues. Or, go for parrot art with wall sculptures handcrafted from metal and fruitwood. From cockatoos to macaws, tropical bird decorations will capture the essence of your favorite feathered friends. Put tropical bird decor on display, and let the cheeky personalities of these beautiful birds shine through.

If you wish to adorn your tablescape, look no further than a small parrot statue. Find a parrot table sculpture featuring a bright red macaw perched on a tree branch. Spreading his blue, yellow and aqua plumage, this striking bird will put you in a carefree mood. You can also crown a tabletop with a parrot wine bottle holder. Beak ajar and feet balancing your wine bottle, this playful parrot will try to drink your prized beverage! Finally, spotlight an end table with a parrot accent lamp. Dangling a rattan lantern from his beak, this tropical bird lamp sports feathers of green, red and blue.

Parrot Decor, Art & Statues

Remedy sparse-looking wall space with some parrot artwork. Parrot canvas paintings and prints portray these kaleidoscopic birds among tropical foliage and blooms. Also encounter our wood and metal parrot wall sculptures. Fashioned from original designs by Joanne Ferrara, parrot wall art will enrich a dull setting. Metal and handcarved wood wall sculptures depict red macaws, African Gray parrots, cockatoos and even cockatiels. Also search our parrot decor for parrot wall signs, parrot framed art and many more stunning compositions.

Enliven your bedroom decor with parrot bedding, or grant beauty to windows with parrot valances. However you incorporate these bold birds, let parrot home accents shake up your style.