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Touch of Class

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Tropical home decor, with its palm tree motifs and woven textures, will inspire a relaxing indoor atmosphere. Beautify every corner of your home with tropical furniture, kitchen decor and more.

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Tropical Bedding, Furniture & More

Revel under a moon eclipsed by gently rustling palms. Surround yourself with lush foliage and towering bamboo. Tropical home decor employs furnishings, artwork and other decorative elements to whisk you away to paradise. Hang a pair of tropical curtains, indoors or out, to seclude yourself in your own private getaway. Then, blanket yourself every evening in palm leaves and vibrant flowers with tropical bedding. Throw in a dash of animal print for a safari-inspired touch. Whether you're a sucker for Hawaiian decor or an admirer of island decor, cultivate some refreshing style.

Tropical furniture, like palm-lined promenades and tawny sand, provides the foundation to your temperate retreat. Relax into a dining chair fashioned from leather-wrapped rattan, or perch upon a bamboo-look bar stool to sample a delicious mai tai. Store bright beach towels and cool linens in a chest of woven rattan drawers, or sink into an accent chair cushion decorated with luscious fronds and leaves. Tropical style furniture also features a variety of console, accent and coffee tables in finishes from honey maple to dark walnut.

Tropical Decor for Kitchens & Walls

Sightseeing south of the equator means sampling a smorgasbord of delicious foods. Tropical kitchen decor will take you back to tasting succulent pineapple for the first time. Let the texturized trunk of a palm tree harbor your paper towels while pineapple placemats set the stage for your shrimp kabobs. Stash cane sugar and coffee beans in canister sets painted to resemble a calm island sky. Finally, lend your dining room chairs some exotic allure with chair cushions decked out in elephant ear leaves and blossoms. Dining rooms will look even more extravagant with the addition of striking window treatments. Make any setting festive with accents inspired by Caribbean decor.

Tropical wall decor will pull this sweltering look together with mirrors encompassed by palm trees and other vegetation. Let prismatic parrots take flight in wall signs or even hold your favorite tealight candle. Other wall sconces will fan metal fern leaves behind your larger pillar candles, while tribal wall art brings an ancient authenticity to your nonstop vacation. Pinpoint the perfect tropical art for your space.

With tropical home decor, you're never too far from volcanic beaches or turquoise waters. Palm tree bath accessories and shower curtains will turn your bathroom into a relaxing place. Introduce a little summer sun within your four walls, and take yourself back to languid days spent lounging on the shore with tropical and luau decor.