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Greek & Roman

Greek & Roman

Capture Greek Revival style with an artichoke lamp, Greek key rug, or Ionic column plant stand. Featuring a color palette of rich burgundy, antique white, aged bronze, and gold, these accents are the perfect complement to a classical look.

Take your pick from medallion print bedding, ornate drapery, and more.

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If you've always loved decorating with fluted columns and marble textures, you might just be a fan of Greek Revival style! Bring a little of that classical look into your own home with accents that mimic the embellishments you might find on the Pantheon or the Temple of Athena Nike.

Acanthus leaves, fleurs-de-lis, and antique white finishes all serve to convey a Hellenistic vibe. Offset these more majestic flourishes with casual accents for a more relaxed take that will leave you feeling dazzled yet comfortable. How about a Mediterranean blue blanket draped leisurely across the back of a cream-colored couch? Or a simple laurel wreath hung over a fireplace carved with traditional details?

With so many Roman and Greek decorations to choose from in this collection, it helps to decide which room you'd like to tackle first, then go from there. For example, you could transform your living room into a lounging place fit for a czar with opulent plant stands shaped like Greek columns. Then, flank an arched doorway with red-figure pots, each spilling over with lush green ferns. Finally, display an artichoke lamp finished in champagne gold on the sofa table, and add a personal touch with a framed photo or two.

Looking for ways to spruce up an uninspiring foyer? Explore a wealth of Greek furniture, including an upholstered metal bench with Greek key legs. Matching stools included in the set can be situated on either side of the bench for additional places to slip off shoes or tie up laces. Otherwise, you might arrange a small console table in front of an ornate wall mirror, then add a tabletop water fountain into the mix. With water trickling into a traditional urn, this fountain creates a calming effect the moment you set foot indoors.

Greek and Roman decor, by its very nature, suggests an air of ancient extravagance that won't be remiss in your bedroom. Have your pick from a wealth of bed linens, including bedspreads embroidered with golden fleurs on burgundy borders. Or, go for a more understated feel with a neutral comforter sporting pale aqua geometrics. You could hang curtains in a similar pastel shade for a sense of unity, as well as accent your bedside with a Greek rug. Opt for a runner in green or federal blue with a striking medallion design.

You can even take Empire-style furniture to the bathroom, where a three-tier floor shelf in a silvery gold is perfect for your towels and other essentials. Plus, an acanthus leaf stool stationed at your vanity is a becoming final touch, complementing a fluted bath ensemble with a pearlized texture. Bath linens in light denim, ultramarine, taupe, gray, or ivory work a bit of the seascape into your color palette, completing your Mediterranean motif!