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Touch of Class

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Decorate with accents reminiscent of the Victorian era. Shop Victorian-style furniture, bedding, window treatments, rugs, and so much more. Shades of dusty mauve, gold, ivory, violet, and pastel blue will grant your surroundings a dreamy quality.

Complement the more modern aspects of your home with nostalgic designs, like roses, cherubs, cameos, and more.

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Blend the sleek modernity of today's decor with the rich embellishments of yesteryear. Victorian-style furniture will absolutely blossom in a room with a few contemporary elements, such as graphic print pillows or even grommet top drapes. Plus, find bedding fit for a baroness that will fall right in line with that pretty white armoire across the room.

Just how do you go about bringing luxury to the bedroom without going overboard? The Victorian era, after all, was well-known for its abundance of frills and flourishes. Try for blush pink bedding with a quilted scroll-and-diamond pattern on soft faux fur. Keep your color scheme monochrome with matching shams, or throw in a few in white for interest. You can also let gray pillows evoke a modern palette. Echo these shades with a nearby armchair or bench.

Victorian decorators were obsessed with the natural world and far-flung destinations. Pull a bit of this fascination into your own decor for an authentic touch. For example, you could section off a corner of the bedroom with a folding screen patterned with songbirds. Or, create an accent wall with elaborate floral wallpaper in red, green, and blue.

Dreaming of a drawing room updated for present times? In the living room, introduce a few elements from history for a classic feel. A pair of Victorian curtains plays off the whimsical print found in the lampshades flanking either side of the couch. For added romantic flair, why not go for fringe curtains with tassels that lightly skim the floor below?

Cherubs, another popular motif during the Victorian era, will also bring a convincing touch to your surroundings. Angel decorations are a gorgeous addition to any room, whether you're a duchess in 19th-century London or a modern-day decorator. Find angel wings wall art to hang above a small storage cabinet. Or, turn to cherub candle holders in soft vanilla and pink for your coffee table.

If your living room is lacking in natural light, you can remedy a dim room and boost its aesthetic all at the same time. Find electric table lamps styled after kerosene or oil lamps. The glass chimney gives the impression of a burning flame inside the lamp. You can also find lamps with dangling crystals or fringe, just perfect for alongside a tufted settee with carved legs.

If you're a sucker for dusty-pink bedding or a long-time admirer of ornate rugs, you might just have a thing for Victorian style. Work these nostalgic fashions into your home for an intriguing spin on a traditional look.