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Tree Skirts & Trimmings
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Tree Skirts & Trimmings

This year, forgo a forgettable tree! Crown your Christmas tree with an adorable snowman or Victorian angel tree topper. Then, festoon branches with decorative ornaments. Finally, lay a lovely foundation with a tree skirt in your favorite color, including red, ivory, green, gold, or white.

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Your Christmas tree is the focal point of your holiday display, so crown it with an angel tree topper, or bedizen its branches with elegant ornaments. More than just a place to amass presents, your tree should make a stylish statement.

    Explore a wealth of Christmas tree decorations, from tree skirts to toppers, and lend opulence to the highlight of your holiday decorating. Customize your look from top to bottom!

  • Tree Toppers: The top of your tree just isn't complete without a shining, golden star—or a Victorian angel, or even a snowman's head! Although stars are certainly tried-and-true (especially when all aglow with built-in lights), try something a little different this year for a refreshing touch.

    An angel tree topper, for example, lends a heavenly aura to your tree. With her ivory feathered wings and detailed, ceramic face, an angel complements a gold ribbon spiraling its way delicately around your tree. A tin angel finished in champagne gold, meanwhile, picks up other metallic accents in your tree, like silvery tinsel and ornaments.

    Or for a fun and festive element, try a snowman tree topper. His cheerful face and jaunty top hat will accentuate gift boxes below wrapped in red and bright green.

  • Ornaments: Essentials for any Christmas tree, the right ornaments can make or break your entire look. If it's understated elegance you're after, hang glass ornaments finished in champagne hues. Crystal gem accents or applique snowflakes add interest without going overboard. Finish your look with a wintry centerpiece on your fireplace mantel, all swathed in gold and champagne ribbon.

    Vintage snowflake ornaments hanging from satin ribbons look great alongside your heirloom baubles and orbs. A baby shoe ornament, on the other hand, is right at home amongst handmade ornaments from school.

  • Tree Skirts: Tree stands, while completely necessary, aren't exactly stylish. Pine nettles from real trees also have a tendency to drop onto the carpet, where they elude the vacuum cleaner for months before finally finding your bare foot. Fortunately, Christmas tree skirts address both issues!

    Find a white tree skirt embroidered with metallic snowflakes. If you're lucky enough to own a vintage aluminum tree, this skirt will bring a little extra glitz and glamour to your display. Take your pick from an array of colors, including red, green, ivory, or even gold tree skirts.

Personalize your Christmas tree with the right ornaments, topper, and skirt; sneak snowmen, holly leaves, or other elements from your tree into toss pillows and candleholders, and pull your whole room together.