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Mixed Metals Home Decor
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Mixed Metals Home Decor

Do you crave decorating inspiration for the new year? Experiment with mixed metals! This home decor style promises to be a hot trend, so now is the perfect time to get started. Mixed metal decor has the sleek sophistication you'd expect of gleaming metals, coupled with the warmth and appeal of soft metallic finishes like champagne gold. Mix it up a little - do not stick to just one metal finish in your decorating scheme!

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Shop our mixed metals home decor, and incorporate this promising trend into your own unique style! Find furniture, artwork and lighting in blends of metallic finishes. If you're a risk-taker with an eye for the eclectic, combine multi-metallic wall art with a gold, sequined comforter. Or, convey sophistication with a gold table displaying a silver sculpture. Cast off that tired convention beholding you to just one finish. Combine warm and cool metallic tones for a look that's posh yet adventurous!

Soften up your environment with the distinctive finishes found in this section. Metallic furniture in champagne gold will look effervescent in a cool, silvery room. Discover a mirrored side table saturated in this silky hue, and top its reflective surface with a nickel-colored vase. Then, take this chic finish to the walls, and flaunt champagne gold wall art ornamented with acrylic gems. Champagne bronze, meanwhile, offers a tawny alternative to luminous gold. Crown a desk with a champagne bronze table lamp, or make your powder room pop with a champagne bronze vanity chair. Our multi-metallic home accents also include pigments like brass, satin silver, copper and platinum.

Metallic Curtains, Wall Art & Furniture

Decorating with mixed metals allows you to tap into your creativity unhampered. Combine silver wall art with metallic curtains, and pepper tables with silver candle holders and decorative boxes for a finishing touch. Then, take this opulent look to your powder room with a metallic shower curtain. Chrome bath accessories, gold bath accessories and silver bath accessories will grant glitz and glamour to your vanity table. Scope soap dispensers in satin silver, or catch eyes with a brushed gold tissue cover. Finally, visually expand any space with gold wall mirrors and silver wall mirrors.

Define a focal point with a multi-metallic wall sculpture, or grant atmospheric lighting with gold wall sconces and silver wall sconces. Multi-metallic wall art, vanity chairs, wall mirrors and more are sure to polish up any room!