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Brass Wall Sconces
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Brass Wall Sconces

Take in our brass sconces, and find a vintage wall candleholder or even a coordinating set. With finishes of satin nickel, antique brass, burnished copper and more, these sconces exhibit floral, scroll and traditional motifs.

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Beautiful Brass Sconces for Walls

Brass sconces bring a classy, old-time grandeur to any setting, including dining rooms, entryways and home offices. Often crafted from solid brass, the luminaries in this gleaming collection will furnish a vivid, golden hue to your vertical display. Mount a brass wall sconce on each side of your vanity mirror for a rococo dressing area, or take to the bedroom walls with a brass sconce above each nightstand. Plunge into a diverse gradient of finishes, and happen upon a style that becomes your vintage surroundings.

You can display a single brass sconce between two accent mirrors with gilded frames, if you want to experiment with light and dimension. However, our solid brass wall sconces are also available in pairs, so you can surround a door frame, headboard or printed artwork with a coordinating set. Matching taper candles will grant your sconce pair a traditional appearance to appease your affinity for old-fashioned decor.

Explore Brass Wall Sconces in Fabulous Finishes

Complement any historical atmosphere with a finish that only appears altered by the passing of time. An antique brass wall sconce presents a darker shade of this sunny, metallic hue, perfect for an Old World library or a romantic bed chamber. Satin brass, on the other hand, offers a lighter alternative to the bold, classic color. Select a satin nickel sconce for a sleek yet low-key addition to your vertical space, or allow a substantial pigment such as bronze or polished copper to pique your interest. Whether polished brass or antique brass, sconces featuring this archaic finish will inspirit your home with a murmur of the past.

Show off a brass wall sconce with intricate designs, such as laurel wreath, openwork floral and fleur-de-lis motifs. Glass hurricanes will only add to the antiquated impression and also protect your flame from going out. Dip into our collection of brass wall sconces, and arrive at a lavish luminary for your home.