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Window Accents
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Window Accents

Stained glass panels are crafted to resemble stained glass windows and provide a dazzling display anywhere you hang them. Discover peacock window accents, floral window accents and more.

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Gorgeous Glass Art for Windows

Stained glass panels bring a dash of color and beauty to your window. With sunshine streaming through vibrant glass, these window accents create a dazzling interplay of colored light in your kitchen, bathroom or entryway. Hang glass window art featuring deep sea treasures over your tub, and welcome a coastal ambience into your powder room. Or, grant your bedroom a restful element with glass art featuring soft-hued flowers. Stained glass window panels will provide interest to your panes and saturate your surroundings in warm and florid light.

Browse our stunning stained glass window art, and find actual stained glass pieces or artwork handpainted to resemble stained glass. This brilliant collection includes flower, bird and fruit scenes. Rich hydrangeas, luscious carnations and swooping wisteria blooms will almost seem to emit a fragrance, as pastel colors diffuse throughout your space. Petite hummingbirds, crimson cardinals and majestic peacocks will also tinge your world with radiant hues. Finally, art depicting grape bunches, plump apples and golden pears will infuse your home with all the vivacious colors of a fruit bowl painting.

Stained Glass Window Hangings in Dazzling Colors

Although carrying an old-fashioned connotation, stained glass window art will accentuate a variety of decorating themes, vintage-inspired or not. Tawny roosters posing before pastoral scenes will invite the French countryside into your abode. If you prefer a more Mediterranean influence, choose glass window art depicting vineyards, wine bottles and baskets of fruit. Airborne pheasants and nimble deer will evoke a rustic, cabin-themed vibe in a folksy living room.

Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes, when you browse our window accents. Find a stained glass window hanging with an octagonal outline for your panes. Long, slender panels will embellish narrow windows, while half-moon shaped panels beautify arch windows. Oval and square contours will also bring a magnificent touch to your panes. Discover stained glass window panels that will enhance the appearance of your window, no matter its size or shape.