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Personalized Wall Art Glossary

What is powder coating? What is 14-gauge steel, and how will it hold up if you display your wall art outdoors? These are some questions you might be asking yourself, as you begin your search for the perfect piece of wall art.

The terms below apply mostly to wall art from our exclusive designer, JasonW Studios(R), but you're likely to see these words here and there as you conduct your search. Just click on whichever word you're curious about, and get a quick-and-easy definition.

Abstract Wall Art
Art that does not present a literal image of reality or one "correct" meaning. Concepts are symbolized through artistic elements like texture, shape, and color.

Wall Art Armature
The "skeleton" of rods and other structures behind a wall sculpture that support the various layers of the piece.

Brass Plated Wall Art
Brass-Plated (Copper-Plated, Zinc Plating)
A steel wall sculpture that is coated by a layer of zinc, brass, or copper.

Brushed Steel Wall Art
Brushed Steel Finish (Hand-Brushed, Hand-Burnished)
A steel wall sculpture that is coated by a layer of zinc, brass, or copper.

Cold Rolled Steel Wall Art
A process by which steel is flattened between large rollers at room temperature; increases the strength and levels out the surface of the metal sheet.

Gold Finish Wall Art
A substance that lends a certain texture or color to the surface of a wall sculpture.

Flame Finish Wall Art
Flame-Finished (Hand-Flamed, Flame-Colored)
The application of fire to a sculpture that changes the color of the metal into a beautiful, multicolored finish.

Tip: Color depends on the type of metal used and the duration of time the flame was applied.

14 Gauge Steel Wall Art
Gauge (14-Gauge)
A measurement that specifies the thickness of the sheet metal used to create a wall sculpture.

Tip: 14-gauge is equivalent to about 1/8th of an inch or roughly the thickness of a nickel. This is the mark of a quality sculpture.

Handcrafted Wall Art
Artwork that is cleaned, finished, dyed, painted and/or assembled by people, not machines; slight variations will occur from product to product.

Dyed Wall Art
Hand-Dyed (Dyed)
Metal that has absorbed a colorful dye, rather than wearing it on its surface like paint; a person, instead of a machine, preps the metal, then sprays and brushes it with dye.

Plasma Cutter Melting Steel
Plasma Cutter
A machine that uses electrified air to melt shapes out of a long metal sheet; it “cuts” these shapes as closely as possible to reduce waste and increase efficiency.

Tip: Many wall sculptures are cut by a plasma cutter to reduce waste.

Powder Coat Wall Art
Powder Coat Finish
A dry, fine-grained substance applied to a wall sculpture through static electricity and later hardened into a durable outer layer in an oven; resistant to UV rays, tarnish, and weather.

Precision Cut Wall Art
The crisp look the edges of a sculpture obtain when melted by a plasma cutter machine; a grinder and needle scaler smooth off any uneven edges to provide an even cleaner appearance.

Wall Art Spacers
Projections on the back of a wall sculpture that keep it from hanging flat against the wall.

Tip: You may have to bend these spacers into place with pliers, as they are shipped flat to prevent damage on certain sculptures. Instructions are included in the package!

Stainless Steel Wall Art
Stainless Steel
A durable type of steel that reduces the risk of tarnish or rust forming on a sculpture.

Wall Art Standoffs
Small rods that separate the various layers of a sculpture; standoffs give a 3D appearance to a piece.

Tarnish Wall Art
A coating or layer that builds up on the surface of some metals, usually when exposed to oxygen or moisture; results in a loss of luster in the sculpture.

Tip: Most JasonW Studios® pieces have a protective coat to prevent tarnish. The above sculpture is not a JasonW Studios® piece. The verdi patina tarnish creates intentional, antique appeal here.