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How to Decorate in the Victorian Style

Victorian Decorating Style

Selecting Colors for Your Victorian Decor

Subdued colors pay homage to the ideals of restraint and elegance that surrounded Victorian society. Earthy greens and deep purples, as well as lilac, lavender, teal, and navy, commonly adorned Victorian homes. Burgundy, gold, and copper were also popular color choices of the time. Victorian decorators would sometimes pair complementary colors together, such as red with green or yellow with purple. Analogous colors, like blue with green or red with orange, were also lavished extravagantly about the home. Temper these more dynamic colors with neutrals like beige, cream, and taupe.

Decorating with the Victorian Style

Too many prints is sometimes considered a decorative faux pas, but in the Victorian era, an abundance of patterns was fashionable. Large patterns were typically preferred over small, but small patterns will work better in smaller rooms. Victorian society had a fascination with nature and all its whimsy; birds and butterflies flitting along your wallpaper or flowers and leaves curling delicate swirls about your carpet make for a charming look.


Miss Madelyn Lady Firgurine Rose Bouquet Wall Hand Mirror Victorian Lamps

Transforming Your Bedroom with Victorian Decor

Privacy was key in the Victorian home. Choose opaque, satin curtains; a matching valance will swoop over the ensemble and ornament your window beautifully. Lace curtains provide a dreamy cushion between the outside world and your home and look great beneath tie-back curtains or—for those with a less Victorian sense of privacy—all on their own. Bedding should be garnished with crochet motifs, laced hems, or tasseled fringes. Use matching curtains to unify your bedroom. A teester bed crown looks particularly distinguished.

Choosing Furniture and Home Accents

Drawer handles, table legs, even ceilings weren't safe from the Victorian compulsion to decorate everything. Look for furniture with elaborate scrollwork or ornate designs covering every available surface. A natural cherry finish on wooden furniture lends an air of quiet nobility, while an antique white finish projects a softer appeal. Home accents can keep blank tabletops or other surfaces to a minimum and reinforce the well-adorned appearance of your room. Items like tray sets or decorative jars can make a dull space interesting.

Primrose Dusty Rose Bedspread Bedding Viviana Bed Steps

Putting a Modern Spin on the Victorian Style

No need to sacrifice aesthetics for historical accuracy! Victorian rooms were often spacious with high ceilings. If the room you intend to decorate is smaller, do not overwhelm the space with big patterns or too many ornaments. Use smaller decorations, such as a covered jar or a small table lamp, to provide that well-adorned Victorian style to the area without creating clutter.

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Victorian Decorating Ideas

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