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Types of Sheets

Whenever you purchase a sheet set, you should expect to find at least three components: the fitted sheet, the flat sheet, and at least one pillowcase. Wondering how many pillowcases you'll receive? Unsure of what the difference is between a fitted and flat sheet? You've come to the right place!

Fitted Sheets vs. Flat Sheets

Flat Sheets in Different Colors

Fitted Sheet

The bottommost covering on a styled bed (this is the part you sleep on!). The fitted sheet encases the top and sides of the mattress due to elastic sewn around its corners.

Fitted Sheet in White

  • 14"D-16"D pockets generally fit mattresses 16"D-18"D (the product page will specify)
  • Deeper pockets can fit 21"D-24"D mattresses
  • Will not have decorative trim or the option to monogram, since it generally goes unseen

Flat Sheets

The rectangular cloth that covers the fitted sheet on a styled bed (this is the part you sleep under). Flat sheets do not have elastic edges and can be monogrammed with your initials.

Flat Sheet in Pastel Blue

  • May have an attached hem with embroidery or stitching, or an attached lace trim
  • Is placed face-down on the bed, so the print will show when the sheet is folded over the main bed covering
  • Traditionally used to protect the main bed covering from getting dirty

How Many Pillowcases Will I Receive?

Pillowcases and Sheets

This all depends on the size of your new sheet set; consult the chart below for a brief rundown on the pillowcases included with each size.

Sheet Set Accessories

1 Std/Queen Pillowcase Included
2 Std/Queen Pillowcases Included
2 Std/Queen Pillowcases Included
2 King Pillowcases Included

Tip: Some sheet sets will include 4 pillowcases; these are generally 6-piece sheet sets, and the product description will specify any time the amount is more than two.