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Types of Rugs

Sure, rugs can lend a decorative foundation to your home, but what if you're not really sure which one to choose? Browse the many different types of area rugs out there, and figure out which one would best suit the room you have in mind. From the staircase to that little stretch of floor between the sink and kitchen island, there are different types of rugs for a variety of situations.

Amethyst Aubusson Rug
Aubusson Rugs
Traditionally handwoven in France, these ornate rugs can now be manufactured anywhere. Designs typically include floral garlands, acanthus leaves, and central medallions in cream and another dominant shade, like burgundy, pale blue, or orchid.

Round Block Rug
Block Rugs
A modern style of rug that features an all-over composition of squares and rectangles with varying colors and patterns.

Green Braided Rug
Braided Rugs
A type of floor covering where yarns are plaited into a rope that is then stitched together in a continuous spiraling shape.

Fruit Memory Foam Mat

Cushioned Mats
Smaller floor coverings meant for the bathroom or kitchen, cushioned mats generally contain memory foam that conforms to the shape of your feet while standing for long periods of time.

Hooked Rug
Hooked Rugs
A type of floor covering where loops are pulled through the backing of a rug to create a nubby, almost embroidered-looking pile on the front.

Persian Style Rug
Persian-Style Rugs
Traditionally hand-knotted in Iran, these intricate rugs are actually manufactured in other parts of the world (hence the words "Persian-style!"). Designs feature vining florals and medallions often arranged in geometric shapes.

Rug Pad beneath a Rug
Rug Pad
A floor covering meant to be placed between your rug and the floor, rug pads help prevent skidding and provide additional cushioning for your feet. They can be cut to size to perfectly fit your rug.

Rug Runner
Rug Runners
Long, slender rugs that run anywhere from 2'x5' in dimensions to 3'x8'; some are even as long as 10'. These rugs are traditionally used in hallways or in other narrow spaces where an area rug might be too big.

Sculpted Rug
Sculpted Rugs
Floor coverings with a contoured shape such as a scalloped border or any other outline that can't be classified as octagonal, rectangular, round, or oblong.

Grapes Themed Slice Rug
Slice Rugs
"Half-moon" shaped rugs that tend to be smaller in size and feature heavily in the kitchen, the fireplace hearth, or even in front of a main entry door.

Round Southwest Rug
Southwest Rugs
Any rug that features serrated diamonds, kokopelli, chevrons, and other motifs iconic of American southwest style. These will typically come in colors evocative of the desert, such as brown, tan, sage, orange, and turquoise.

A Set of Stair Treads
Stair Tread
Small, rectangular "rugs" that are meant to be installed on each step in a staircase; outdoor varieties will typically be made of some durable material like recycled rubber, while indoor treads are more like carpet.