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Touch of Class

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Types of Comforters

Wondering what the best way is to go about choosing a comforter? Start by learning about the different kinds and whether you want a full-blown bed set or something more modest. Maybe you're just looking for something to fill out a new duvet cover—or perhaps you're after a standalone design, such as tropical prints or modern geometrics.

Basic Comforters vs. Decorative Comforters

Basic White Comforter

Basic Comforter

(Examples: Down or Down Alternative Comforters)

This is a type of comforter that can fit inside a duvet cover (or duvet coverlet). A duvet cover is like a giant decorative pillowcase that envelops a basic comforter.

Quilted Duvet Cover

These comforters are often a solid white color and do not have any embellishments.

A Basic Comforter...

  • Can be inserted into different duvet covers throughout the year
  • May have a sewn-through box construction to keep fiber fill in place
  • Fiber fill is usually down or down alternative
  • Is easily removed for cleaning; just launder the duvet cover

Decorative Comforter

Decorative Comforter

This second type makes up the majority of comforter bedding that Touch of Class has to offer. The decorative comforter functions as the main covering on the top of the bed. It has prints and embellishments that are not hidden away inside a duvet cover.

A Decorative Comforter...

  • Is often the focal point in a bedroom
  • Usually has minimal stitching that secures the fiber fill.
    This makes for a smooth comforter face
  • Comes with coordinating shams and a bedskirt.
    This all-in-one product is called a comforter set

Types of Comforter Sets

Comforter sets are bedding ensembles that include matching elements.
Decorative comforters will usually come in a set, but basic comforters are often sold individually.

Standard Comforter Set

Comforter Set (Standard)

A bedding ensemble that usually includes 1 comforter, 1 bedskirt, and 2 shams (unless comforter is Twin-sized). All other accessories are sold separately.

Comforter Set Accessories

1 Twin Comforter
1 Twin Bedskirt
1 Std/Queen Sham
1 Full Comforter
1 Full Bedskirt
2 Std/Queen Shams
1 Queen Comforter
1 Queen Bedskirt
2 Std/Queen Shams
1 King Comforter
1 King Bedskirt
2 King Shams
Cal King
1 Cal King Comforter
1 Cal King Bedskirt
2 King Shams

Comforter Bed Set

Comforter Bed Set

A bedding ensemble that usually includes 1 comforter, 1 bedskirt, and 2 shams (unless comforter is Twin-sized). A comforter bed set also includes decorative bed pillows and/or sheet sets as well as other accessories.

Mini Comforter Set

Mini Comforter Set

A bedding ensemble that usually includes 1 comforter and 2 shams (unless comforter is Twin-sized); does not include a bedskirt and often has a lower cost than standard comforter sets.