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Types of Bathroom Decorations

Most bathroom decor is pretty self-explanatory, but what is an etagere? How do you pronounce it, for that matter? And what exactly do you call those free-standing shelves that fit so neatly over the toilet tank? Learning what to call the items you're searching for will make decorating your bathroom a breeze. Putting a name to a product you've always wanted—or even finding out the actual use of an essential you never knew you needed—will aid in your decorating journey, whether you're starting from scratch or finishing off a remodel.

Apothecary Jar
Apothecary Jars
Glass jars with lids that historically held pharmaceuticals but are now used to hold cotton balls, bath beads, and other small accents.

Rose Bath Ensembles
Bath Accessories (Bath Ensemble)
A matching collection of accents for your sink top and other areas of the bathroom that generally involves a soap dish, lotion soap dispenser, wastebasket, toothbrush holder, tumbler, and tissue cover.

Bath Mat
Bath Mat (Bath Rug)
A cushioned mat to stand on after getting out of a bathtub or shower. These can include memory foam or be made of yarn fabrics.

Bathtub Mat

Bathtub Mat
A cushioned liner (sometimes with a spa pillow) meant to increase comfort while lying down in the bath.

Wall Cubby Set

Cubby Set
Small niches that can be installed on the wall to contain personal effects or decorative items.

Elongated Toilet Seat
Elongated Toilet Seat
An oblong toilet seat with an attached lid that measures 17-19 inches long.

Etagere (ey-ta-zher)
Free-standing open shelves that can be installed along the wall or in a corner.

Corner Shower Bench
Shower Bench
Bamboo or teak seating, often with a slatted design and water-resistant properties.

Space Saver
Space Saver
A tower of open shelves that is designed to fit over your toilet tank, conserving space in your entire bathroom.

Standard Toilet Seat
Standard Toilet Seat
A round toilet seat with an attached lid that measures 16-17 inches in length.

Tension Curtain Rod

Tension Shower Rod
A curtain rod with caps on each end that push against either side of the shower walls to create support for your shower curtain.

A cup traditionally kept on the bathroom sink for drinking or rinsing out one's mouth; today, it has a more decorative purpose or it can be used to hold smaller paper cups.

A metal stand with hooks or arms to hold your towels and a weighted base to maintain stability.

Vanity Chair
Vanity Chair (Stool)
A chair or stool with or without wheels that is designed to slide beneath a makeup table.

Vanity Tray
Vanity Tray
A shallow surface with raised edges that contains your perfume bottles, cosmetics, or jewelry.

Wall Accents
Wall Accents
A matching collection of decor for your wall, including a towel bar, towel ring, and toilet paper holder.