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How to Decorate in the Tropical Style

With our tropical decor, you can design your own getaway retreat indoors! To start, breeze through our brief color guide and find a few paradisal shades for your home. Next, dip into tropical patterns and motifs to give your rooms lush detail. Find out how to decorate with tropical furniture, then accentuate with bold or minimalist pieces. Finally, browse our home accent suggestions for Hawaiian decor on a budget!

Tropical Home Decorating

Selecting Colors for Your Tropical Decor
Recreate the palettes found in tropical foliage with neutral ivory, beige, khaki, mocha, and brown, as well as shades of green. You might be drawn to muted tones of olive and sage, or opt for greens that are saturated and vibrant. Spice up your Hawaiian decor with warm colors, such as coral, red, russet, orange, and yellow that are often found among exotic flowers.

Choosing Tropical Patterns and Motifs
Decorate with lively patterns to reflect the lush vegetation and gorgeous flowers of a tropical setting. Designs of animals, such as parrots and monkeys, add a dash of excitement and whimsy. Add beauty and color to tropical bedrooms with depictions of hibiscus, orchid, and bird of paradise flowers. Look for decor with detailed designs of palm trees, fern fronds, and banana leaves.

Using Tropical Furniture for Balance
Achieve a sense of balance with island decor by mixing vibrant prints and casual, Hawaiian-inspired furniture. Rattan and bamboo have a laid-back appeal, making them popular materials for tropical bedroom furniture. You might also see fun tropical theme icons, such as pineapple and banana leaf motifs, incorporated into the designs. One of the joys of island decor is the opportunity to play with texture. Wicker and wrapped accents bring interest to drawers and table tops.

Tropical Palm Tree Storage Cabinet

Find Your Tropical Vision with Hawaiian Decor
If you enjoy decorating with bold statement pieces, consider a colorful wall sculpture, area rug, or bed cover. Refreshing tropical wall art attracts attention. Tropical area rugs with large-scale flower blossom and leaf designs have a dramatic impact. A lively tropical bedding pattern sets the foundation for your bedroom decor. If you like tropical decor but prefer an elegant minimalist look, seek out items with fewer colors and simpler designs.

Paradise Foliage Area Rug

Tropical Decorating Ideas within Your Budget

You may decide that large furniture pieces or an entire bed ensemble will not work with your budget; however, you can still add tropical flair to your decor with carefully chosen home accents. Decorative throw pillows in eye-catching tropical designs instantly brighten the look of a bench or sofa. Unique tropical candleholders, along with a tropical wall mirror, create an inviting foyer. Patterned table linens, chair cushions, and valances bring a splash of color to your kitchen. The subtle motifs of island decor allow for decorating versatility, should you decide to switch to a different style in the future.

Tropical Decorating Ideas

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