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Bed Sheet Sizes: Which One Do You Need?

Want to make absolutely sure that your sheets will fit? Check out this handy mattress sizes chart, as well as quick instructions on how to find your mattress depth. This measurement is crucial to picking out a fitted sheet with deep enough pockets—and to keep it from endlessly popping off one corner of the mattress!

Breathless 6pc Sheet Set

Mattress Sizes (in inches):

Twin 39"x75", Full 54"x75", Queen 60"x80", King 76"x80", Cal King 72"x84"

How to Measure Your Mattress for a Sheet Set


Tape Measure


  • Width is the measurement from left to right across the top of the mattress
  • Length is the measurement across the top of the mattress from the head to the foot
  • Depth is the measurement of thickness from the highest point on the top edge of the mattress to the bottom edge


  1. First, consult the mattress dimensions chart and select the correct mattress size.
    (Measure the width and length of the mattress, if you are unsure.)
  2. Next, measure the depth of the mattress.
  3. Read the product description for the fitted sheet, which should list the mattress depth that the pockets will accommodate.
  4. Compare your new dimensions to the fitted sheet sizes.

Length, Width, and Depth of a Mattress


  1. You consult the mattress dimensions chart; you determine that your mattress is a Queen size.
  2. Next, you measure the mattress depth as 15".
  3. You read that the fitted sheet will fit a mattress up to 17" deep.
  4. You would choose the Queen size for this fitted sheet, since it will accommodate your 15" deep mattress.