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Sheet Bedding Guide

There are so many questions to ask yourself when picking out new sheets. Pima cotton vs Egyptian cotton: is there any real difference? What sort of thread count is ideal for a luxurious bed you can sink into night after night? Pin down just the sort of sheets you need by reading a few of our frequently-asked questions about the subject.

What Is the Difference Between Egyptian Cotton, Percale, Etc.?

Collection of Sheets

  • Egyptian cotton, like the namesake indicates, is grown in Egypt. Sheets made from Egyptian cotton feature extra-long fibers. When cared for properly, these sheets are highly durable and strong. In general, our Egyptian cotton sheets feature higher thread counts from 600 to 800 TC.
  • Pima cotton is similar to Egyptian cotton. It is usually grown in the United States but can be grown elsewhere.
  • Percale refers to the weave of the cotton, which is generally smooth and tightly-woven. Thread counts for our percale sheets tend to be 300 and higher. Percale sheets will generally have a crisp feel to them.
  • If you prefer an extra soft texture, on the other hand, you might want to go for combed cotton instead.

What Does Mattress Depth Mean?

Mattress Dimensions

Mattress depth refers to the height (or thickness) of your mattress. It's important to determine this measurement, because this will tell you what sort of fitted sheet to buy.

How Come Some Sheet Sets Come in an "Extra-Long Twin" Size?

Extra-Long Twin Sheets

Typical for dorm room beds, the Extra-Long Twin is for those mattresses 39"x80" in dimensions. A normal Twin is 39"x75", so sheets in the "XL Twin" size will accommodate this additional length.

Where Does the Monogram Go on Monogram Sheets?

Monogrammed Sheets

Your monogrammed initials will usually appear either just below or on the attached hem of the sheet. To display it properly, you would have to place the sheet facedown on the bed, then fold the top back over the main bed covering.

Which Thread Count Should I Get?

1200 TC Sheets

  • The higher the thread count, the more luxurious the sheet. Most of our cotton sheet sets are a quality 300 thread count or greater.
  • A lower thread count means the sheet will generally feel more lightweight, while a higher thread count indicates a more dense feel.

Which Color Sheets Should I Buy?

Blue Paisley Sheets

Ivory, white, black, or beige are neutrals that pair well with just about anything.

If you prefer a pop of color, pay attention to the hues present in your comforter or bedspread: is there a hint of spring green that you'd like to pull to the forefront? Choose sheets and pillowcases in a matching color.