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Sheets Bedding Glossary

Get all of those common questions answered when it comes to searching for new sheets: what is combed cotton? How does it compare to percale, and which one is right for you? It's as simple as skimming through a few of these definitions; with sheet-related terms in mind, you'll be able to make the most informed choice for your bedroom!

Anti-Pill Sheets
A property that keeps balls of fiber from forming on the surface of sheets.

Calendered Sheets
A quality where sheets have been pressed between calender rollers to smooth out the fabric.

California King Mattress vs a King Mattress
California King (West King)
A mattress that is 4 inches longer but 4 inches narrower than a standard King mattress.


A quality where fabric has been dyed in such a way that the color will not bleed or fade.

Combed Cotton Sheet

Combed Cotton
Cotton that is treated to feel extra soft.

Cotton Percale Sheet
Cotton Percale
Cotton fibers that are tightly-woven to form a smooth, crisp surface.

Cotton Sateen
Cotton Sateen
A material woven with a satin weave pattern; it has a sleek texture and a lustrous shine.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets
Egyptian Cotton
Long, plant-based fibers that are grown in Egypt; Egyptian cotton is a luxurious fabric that is durable and strong.

Extra Deep Pocket
Extra Deep Pocket
The corners on a fitted sheet that accommodate a mattress from 21" to 24" thick.

Fitted Sheet
Fitted Sheet
The bottommost covering on a bed that encases the top and sides of the mattress due to elastic sewn around its corners.

Flat Sheet

Flat Sheet
The rectangular cloth that covers the fitted sheet on a styled bed; it provides a barrier between the sleeper and the comforter or bedspread.

Microplush Sheet
An abbreviation for "grams per square meter". This measurement indicates the fabric density of the sheet; the higher the number, the better quality the sheet.

Sheet Hem
The finished edge of the flat sheet that often features lacework, embroidery, or a simple hemstitch.

Hemstitch Sheets
A small line of decorative openings along the hem of a sheet.

Mercerized Sheets
A quality where sheets have been treated by a process that strengthens the fabric and gives it an attractive luster.

Moisture-Wicking Sheets
A quality of absorbent fabric that wicks water molecules away from the body.

Fitted Sheet with Pockets
The corners of a fitted sheet that are stretched over the mattress and held in place with a sewn-in elastic band.

Sateen Weave
Sateen Weave
A technique of meshing fibers together to create fabric; more threads pass over than under the other threads, creating a smooth and even surface.

Thread Count
Thread Count (TC)
The number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric.

XL Twin Sheets
XL Twin (Extra-Long Twin)
A 39"x80" mattress that is the same width as a standard Twin but 5 inches longer.