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Care and Use Chart for Outdoor Accents

An Outdoor Care Type is listed in the Details tab on the product page for each outdoor item. Find the Care Type below for recommendations on where to use the product and how to care for it so that you can enjoy your purchase for many seasons to come.


Where it can be used: Can be left outdoors year-round. Will withstand extreme temperatures.

Care Instructions: To clean, gentle wash with a clean, soft cloth and a mild detergent followed by a clear water rinse. Shorea wood should be regularly oiled with a quality hardwood treatment oil to maintain its nourishment. The wood should be oiled at least twice a year and in full exposure areas, more oiling may be necessary. For powder coated finishes, avoid contact with nail polish, paint or lacquer thinner, motor oils, transmission and brake fluids, or parts cleaning fluids. Cover, if possible, in inclement winter weather conditions. Coir doormats may be swept with a broom. Rubber doormats may be rinsed off with a garden hose.


Where it can be used: Can be used outdoors in most seasons. Do not expose to freezing temperatures.

Care Instructions for :


Where it can be used: Limited outdoor use. Use outdoors on a covered porch or patio. Normal indoor use.

Care Instructions: For use under covered patio, no direct sunlight, or exposure to the elements (wind or rain). We strongly recommend moving accents to indoor storage or at least a covered structure during the worst of the season's weather.