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A Guide to Mattress Sizes

Choosing a mattress size doesn't have to be a snore! With this simple mattress guide, you can put all those bed questions to rest, like "Which size mattress is best for my bedroom?" and "What is the difference between a King and a California King mattress?" You can even read up on Twin and Twin XL beds. Before long, you'll be ready to pick out your dream bedding and indulge in a deep, peaceful slumber.


Standard Twin mattress size: 39"x75"
About Twin beds: This compact mattress is the smallest of the standard mattress sizes, other than crib mattresses. It's a popular choice for a child or an individual adult with limited bedroom space.

Twin XL

Standard Twin XL mattress size: 39"x80"
About Twin XL beds: A Twin XL mattress is the same width as a standard Twin, but it is 5" longer. A Twin XL accommodates a taller youth or adult, and it is commonly found in dorm rooms. A Twin XL is also known as an extended Twin or an Extra-Long Twin. Look for Twin XL sheets and bedding to accommodate the extra length; pay attention to the mattress depth as well for the best fit.


Standard Full mattress size: 54"x75"
About Full beds: Also known as a Double, a Full mattress is about 15" wider than a standard Twin. It provides a single sleeper with more space to sprawl out from side to side.


Standard Queen mattress size: 60"x80"
About Queen beds: The most common size for a master bedroom, the Queen mattress is designed for a couple and provides each person with about 30" of personal space.


Standard King mattress size: 76"x80"
About King beds: A King mattress is the same length as a Queen mattress, but it is about 16" wider. A King mattress provides a couple with plenty of personal sleeping space−just be sure to check your bedroom dimensions to make sure that it will fit.

California King

Standard California King mattress size: 72"x84"
About California King beds: Despite what you might think, a California King mattress is not wider than a King. A California King is actually 4" narrower and 4" longer than a standard King. If you are very tall, or if your bedroom is especially long, a California King mattress might be best for you. Keep in mind that you'll want to look for California King sheets and bedding.