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Fabric Design Patterns Glossary

From fleurs-de-lis to damask prints, there's a wide variety of designs to choose from when you shop bedding, curtains, and many other home accessories. Get a feel for the different kinds of patterns out there and which one most complements your own unique decorating tastes.

Acanthus Leaves
Acanthus Leaf
A decorative motif that features curling, leafy tendrils and scrolls; this is common in Roman and Greek-inspired decor.

Stripes that form a zig-zagging pattern of V's and inverted V's; chevrons are generally found in Southwest or contemporary styles.

A large pattern characterized by elaborate floral, scroll, and geometric motifs; traditionally fashioned from wool, cotton, and silk, damask now includes synthetic fabrics like polyester.

Intertwined coils traditionally used to decorate metalwork; filigree is a common pattern amongst traditional style decor.

A symbol representing historical French royalty. The fleur-de-lis depicts a three-petaled lily; two curved petals on either side frame an upright, central petal.

Ikat Prints
Ikat (Ikat Print)
A design characterized by feathered edges and the appearance of horizontal threads. Ikat prints usually have a detailed medallion look.

Jacobean (Jacobean Floral)
A type of floral print depicting flowers and branches, usually woven on cotton, polyester, or linen; "Jacobean" also describes a type of embroidery utilizing the same floral motif.

Medallion Design
Medallion (Medallion Print)
Fabric patterns composed of ornate, circular shapes, usually with flourishes of detail in the centers; medallions might feature as a repeating, allover pattern or focal point on product.

Monochromatic Pillows
Possessing only one color; monochromatic decor may include differing tones of that one color.

Ogee Patterns
A print that features repeating, interlocked motifs created by a double curve.

A type of pigmentation where color gradually shifts from dark to light or light to dark.

Paisley Design
A pattern that utilizes a tear-shaped, plant-like motif filled with small, floral detailing.

Patchwork (Patchwork Motif)
The look created when blocks of fabric in differing colors and patterns are stitched together; this can also be a print, as opposed to actual quilting.

A pattern characterized by multiple stripes of varying colors and thicknesses crossing at right angles.

Pattern distinguished by curved, tendril-like motifs which resemble curling vines.

Trellis (Lattice)
A fabric print consisting of intersecting lines; generally forms an iconic "x-shape" or a linked diamond pattern throughout.