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Daybed Bedding Terms

On your search for a stylish daybed cover, you're bound to encounter some unfamiliar terms. For example, what exactly is a "bolster sham"? How about a "Hollywood daybed cover" or an "Extra-Long Twin"? Here, you'll find answers to all of these questions and more, along with helpful images to illustrate each definition.

Mattress Sizes (in inches):

Twin 39"x75", XL Twin (Extra-Long Twin) 39"x80"

Bolster Sham
Bolster Sham
A decorative covering for a wedge-shaped foam insert (or wedge bolster pillow). Bolster shams usually have a zippered closure and can be purchased separately from the foam insert.

Daybed Fabric Cap
An additional fabric panel on the back edge of a daybed cover that helps to keep it in place on the bed.

Daybed with Three-Sided Frame
A Twin-sized bed with a three-sided daybed frame.

Daybed Comforter Set
Daybed Cover
Bedspreads, comforters, coverlets, or quilts designed to fit a daybed on three sides.

Extra Long Twin Daybed Cover
Extra-Long Twin (Extended Twin, Twin XL)
A mattress that is the same width as a standard Twin mattress but is 5" longer at 39"x80".

Gusseted Corner
Gusseted Corner (Gusseted Inset)
A small piece of fabric sewn under split corners to hide the bed frame and finish the look of a daybed cover.

Hollywood Daybed Ensemble
Hollywood Daybed
A Twin-sized bed without a three-sided daybed frame; it is pushed against the wall to support the bolster shams in the back.

Striped Hollywood Daybed Cover
Hollywood Daybed Cover
Bedspreads designed to fit Hollywood daybeds on three sides.

King Sized Sham
King Shams
A 20"x36" decorative casing that holds your stuffer pillow.

Reversible Pillows
Pillows or shams that can be displayed front or back; Hollywood covers are never reversible, and daybed covers in a comforter or quilt style can sometimes be reversible.

Standard or Queen Sized Sham
Standard/Queen Sham
A 20"x26" decorative casing that holds your stuffer pillow.

Standard Twin Mattress
Standard Twin
A compact mattress 39"x75" in dimensions; this is not the same as a daybed, which often includes a frame on three sides to display shams properly.

Standard, European, and King Sham Stuffers
Stuffer Pillow
Plump, well-filled pillows that are meant to be encased inside shams; they usually sit upright against the daybed frame or wall.

Tailored Daybed Cover
Tailored Fit
A fitted daybed cover with gusseted split corners; it fits the bed snugly on all three sides.

Waterfall Fitted Style Daybed Cover
Waterfall Fitted Style
A bedspread that hugs the contours of a daybed or Hollywood daybed; the pattern cascades continuously from the face to the front foot panel, creating a waterfall-like effect.

Wedge Bolster Pillow inside of a Bolster Sham
Wedge Bolster Pillow
A long narrow foam insert that provides support to the back of a Hollywood daybed; two are usually leaned against the wall. These can be purchased with bolster shams.