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Comforter Bedding Guide

Long before you can swaddle yourself up in a cozy new comforter, you've got a few questions to consider. Should you go for a down or synthetic comforter? What are the comforter filling types, and should you choose a King or a California King size?

If you're feeling the slightest bit overwhelmed, just consult the comforter buying guide below. Then you'll be well on your way to choosing the ideal comforter for you!

What Is a Comforter?

Gold Comforter Bedding

  • Comforters are fiber-filled bed coverings designed to provide warmth and to cover the mattress only, not the box spring.
  • Stitching (or quilting) secures the fiber fill inside the comforter.
  • Comforters do not cover pillows and require a bedskirt (a three-sided skirt that hangs from the top of the box spring to the floor).

Why Choose a Comforter?

Jacobean Comforter Set

  • Comforters allow for a layered look with multiple patterns, colors, and designs for any decor style.
  • They provide the opportunity to accessorize with pillows.
  • Comforters are filled with natural or manufactured fibers that provide warmth.

What Does “Fit” Mean? Which Size Comforter Should I Buy?

Mattress Dimensions

  • The fit is the maximum mattress size a comforter can accommodate. Fit includes the width, length, and thickness (depth) of the mattress. These measurements can be used to determine the ideal comforter size.
  • On the Touch of Class website, comforter copy usually states that the “comforter fits mattresses up to __.” This measurement refers to the mattress thickness (depth.)
  • The chart below shows the average dimensions for oversized Touch of Class brand comforters, but it's always a good idea to measure first!

Touch of Class® Comforter Sizes

Cal King

What Do Terms Like "Square Corner" and "Rounded Corner" Mean?

These refer to the corners located on either end of the comforter’s foot panel. Two main styles called “square” and “rounded” commonly appear on Touch of Class comforters. Which one you choose all depends on the sort of look you're going for.

Comforter Corner Types

  • Square: Corner is square-shaped with a central bottom point.
  • Rounded: Corner has a bell-like shape.

What Kinds of Fill Do Comforters Have? Which Should I Choose?

Comforters can be filled with natural fibers (plant or animal-based) or with manufactured fibers (created by people). What you decide on depends heavily on the temperature of your bedroom.

Polyester Comforter

  • Cotton: A natural fiber that comes from cotton plant seeds; highly-absorbent, breathable, and durable; the perfect breezy accent in summer or for a warm bedroom.
  • Down: The soft, flexible undercoating that grows beneath the feathers of geese; highly heat-receptive and moisture-resistant.
  • Down Alternative: A manufactured fiber that has properties similar to down.
  • Polyester (Poly): A manufactured fiber that is lightweight, warm, and quick-drying; ideal for colder bedrooms and in the winter months.

What Does It Mean by the “Underside," “Back(ing)," or “Reverse” of a Comforter?

Striped Reversible Comforter

All of these terms refer to the comforter lining. The back (or the lining) is usually “color-matched.” This means the lining can be a coordinating print or color on different fabric. Many Touch of Class comforters are backed in cotton, polyester, or blends of the two.

Why Are the King and California King Sizes the Same with Some Comforters?

King size vs. Cal King size

A King-size mattress is 4 inches shorter but 4 inches wider than a standard California King. A California King (sometimes called a “Western King”) is 4 inches longer but 4 inches narrower than a standard King. The dimensions of each are very similar, just switched around.

This is why some vendors will offer California King and King comforters with the same dimensions. They will, in fact, fit both. Just keep in mind that the included bedskirts are not designed to fit both a California King and a King-sized box spring. A California King bedskirt will only fit a California King box spring, just as a King bedskirt will only fit a King box spring.

Most Touch of Class brand comforter sets do have a comforter made at California King dimensions which differ from King dimensions. Choose the size that corresponds to your mattress size.