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Comforter Bedding Glossary

Shopping online for comforters is a snap once you've got the hang of some basic terms. If you ever find yourself hung up on a word like "color-matched" or "California King", chances are you'll find a quick and easy definition here. Just check out the comforter glossary below, and finally answer all of those burning bedding questions!

Mattress Sizes (in inches):

Twin 39"x75", Full 54"x75", Queen 60"x80", King 76"x80", Cal King 72"x84"

Back Tack Stitch QuiltingBack Tack Stitch Quilting Reverse Side

FirstComforter Face (No Back Tack Stitches Visible)

SecondComforter Back (Pictured: One Back Tack Stitch)

Back Tack Stitch Quilting (Back Tacks; Hidden Dash Quilting)
Short stitches sewn through the back of a comforter into the fill inside; allows for a smooth, clean look on the comforter face and secures the fill to the backing.

California King Mattress
California King (Western King)
A mattress that is 4 inches longer but 4 inches narrower than a standard King mattress.

Chain Stitch Embroidery

Chain Stitch Embroidery
Crocheted or embroidered threads are interconnected in a chain link pattern.

Color Matched ComforterColor Matched Comforter Reverse Side

First: Overall Comforter Face (No Comforter Back Visible)

Second: Comforter Face and Color-Matched Comforter Back

A design feature where the back (or the lining) of the comforter has a coordinating print or color on a different fabric than what is shown on the comforter face.

Comforter Cording

Solid or multi-colored threads that have been braided or twisted into a rope-like border; trims the bottom edges of a comforter along its corners, side panels, and foot panel.

Dash Stitch Quilting on a ComforterDash Stitch on Reverse Side of Comforter

First: Comforter Face (Tack Stitches Visible)

Second: Comforter Back (Pictured: One Tack Stitch)

Dash Stitch Quilting (Decorative Tack Quilting, Tack Quilting)
Short stitches sewn through the back of a comforter into the inner fill and the comforter face; secures fill between the comforter face and backing; forms a simplistic, non-decorative stitch pattern; will not create a continuous, overall pattern.

Tip: Can be stitched in a round, straight, or dash-shaped pattern (called tack quilting)

Diamond Quilted Comforter
Diamond Stitch Quilting
Stitched, diamond-shaped patterns that provide the dual purpose of securing the fiber fill and creating an ornamental finish.

Flanged Comforter
A decorative strip of fabric that trims the comforter's bottom edges; can be straight and flat or pleated into folds.

Comforter Inset
Inset (Center)
A square or rectangular panel of fabric sewn onto a comforter face; a different color, pattern, or a distinct border offsets this area from the rest of the comforter.

Knife Edge Comforter
Knife Edge
Comforter edging that is not decorated; seam is visible and creates a simple look.

Mitred Corner on a Comforter
Mitred Corner
A type of square comforter corner created by sewing a side and foot panel together; has a diagonal seam; pattern is engineered to achieve a matched look.

Tip: A regular square comforter corner does not have a diagonal seam.

Pleated Corner on a Comforter
Pleated Corner (Corner Pleats)
Comforter corner edging has a flange that is folded back on itself at several points, creating a series of folds called "pleats."

Piped Comforter
Piping (Piped Edges, Welting)
A decorative border formed by cloth-covered cord; can finish the outside edges or border the inside of a comforter.

Scalloped Comforter
Scalloped Edge
A decorative border that creates a series of curves and a wavy pattern along the bottom edges of a comforter.

Ruched Comforter
Shirring (Ruching)
A decorative element created when fabric is bunched by several rows of parallel-running stitches.

Tassel Trim on Bedding
Tassel Trim
Decorative trim formed by a series of hanging ornaments made of yarn or thread. The tassel trim is attached to the comforter edge on the corners, side panels, and foot panel.