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Longing for a return to the old-fashioned elegance of bedspreads? In a day and age where the comforter reigns supreme, it can be difficult to find a floor-length cover in a style you actually like. Luckily, you don't have to settle for boring or outdated. Find a brand new bedspread in a modern design sure to uplift your entire room!

Start by figuring out which size you'll need; whether that's a king or queen size bedspread, you'll find plenty of oversized options ideal for the added thickness of today's modern mattresses. You can even find the more unusual California king size, designed to fit mattresses 72"x84". Finally, scope smaller bed linens in twin and full sizes, and make even close quarters positively radiate style.

What does your style entail? Do you prefer a more traditional look, complete with ornately-framed mirrors and tufted chairs? Then check out damask bedding and bedspreads, with motifs that historically symbolized luxury and class. An oversized print looks particularly intriguing against solid color sheets.

If you want to keep things simple, however, try lightweight cotton bedspreads in just one or two colors. Solid white is always an apt choice, as is ecru and other variations of beige. Paired with low-key patterns like scrolling leaves, these bed linens will help make your bedroom feel calm and soothing.

    Maybe you like decorating with a pop of color, however; in which case, find a shade that enhances your surroundings and strikes the right mood:

  • Purple: This color can look regal, whimsical, or even dreamy, depending on the shade. Plum purple bedspreads, for example, bring instant drama to a space. Accentuate this deep hue with a bedside rug in a similar color or perhaps even a glass lamp on the nightstand.

    Pastel purples like lavender or wisteria provide instant serenity against a white headboard. Finally, a pinkish orchid lends a playful and unexpected pop. Pair it with champagne silver for a romantic quality.

  • Blue: Generally associated with sleep and tranquility, this color is perfect for when you need a little extra help winding down at night. Let misty pastel blues pop against cream-colored pillows or soft celadon greens.

    Or, in a similar vein to plum, choose navy blue bedspreads for a robust quality that isn't too visually stimulating. Midnight blue, in particular, pairs well with gold or tan.

  • Yellow: Bring a cheery element to your own private hideaway; yellow bedspreads with chenille tufts are particularly captivating with their tone-on-tone designs. Find a more neutral shade in butter, and embrace the resurgence of floral print with roses and leaves.

  • Pink: Beyond being a calming shade in its own right, pink also happens to be quite on-trend. From ash rose to dogwood, these shades make bold and stylish appearances in home decor today. Browse blush pink bedspreads fashioned from ultra soft faux fur. A few white shams add a sweet berries-and-cream contrast to the ensemble.

Browse an assortment of other colors, from green to black, as well as quilted designs, tropical prints, and even patchwork. With no need for a bedskirt or a plethora of pillows, the bedspread is a stunning, low-maintenance alternative perfect for any room, whether that's the master suite or the guest bedroom.