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Need help finding a bedspread that fits?

Whether you're browsing split corner bedspreads or perusing our Grande sizes, you'll want to make sure your new bed covering fits exactly as planned. This page will point you in the right direction! Find out how to measure for your ideal bedspread length, then delve into our most popular bedspread styles.

We offer two bedspread lengths to suit most bed heights:

Our Classic bedspread has a 21" drop.
Standard bedspreads fit beds that measure
21" high from top of mattress to floor.
Our Grande bedspread has a 24" drop.
Oversized bedspreads fit beds that measure
24" high from top of mattress to floor.
Grande bedspread sizes are ideal for
oversized mattresses!

Measuring for your bedspread only takes a second!

A simple measurement will determine which length
is the best fit for your bed. Measure your bed at the
corner, from the top of the mattress to the floor.
Then select the bedspread drop length above that
is closest to your measurement.
Remember, a bedspread is meant to skim your bedroom
floor and hide the underside of your bed.
Take your bedspread measurements carefully!

What if your bed drop is over 24" high?

Bedspread Styles

Our extensive variety features split corner bedspreads, throw-style bedspreads and everything in between!

Fitted Bedspreads > with split corners accommodate your bed posts or footboard.

Throw Bedspreads > with bell corners. These stylish bedspreads have rounded corners.

Ruffled Bedspreads > with split corners. Split corners may also be referred to as gusseted corners.

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