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Bedspread Bedding Guide

Debating between a bedspread or a comforter? Wondering what "bedspread drop" means and how exactly it should factor into your decision? Just skim through the bedspread bedding FAQ below, and get up to speed on some common terms and questions. Your search for the perfect bed linens will be that much easier, once you're more familiar with bedspreads and their various features.

What Is a Bedspread?

Navy Bedspread

  • Bedspreads are decorative coverings that skim the floor on three sides of the bed.
  • A foot panel and two side panels of fabric completely cover the mattress and box spring.
  • Unlike comforters, bedspreads do not require a bedskirt.

Why Choose a Bedspread?

Floor Length Bedspread

  • Bedspreads do not need a bedskirt to look complete.
  • They simplify the bed-making process by requiring fewer bedding components.
  • Since they're relatively low fuss, bedspreads are a great choice for guest rooms.

What Does "Drop" Mean?

Bedspread Drop

  • The bedspread drop is the measurement taken from the top of the mattress to the floor.
  • Drop may also describe the fabric panels that cascade over the sides and foot of the bed down to the floor below.
  • The chart below shows the average dimensions for "grande" Touch of Class brand bedspreads. Be sure to measure your mattress first, before deciding on a size!

Touch of Class® Bedspread Sizes

Grande Twin
Grande Full
Grande Queen
Grande King
Grande Cal King

What Does "Grande" and "Classic" Mean?

Classic Bedspreads

  • "Grande" and "classic" are sizing terms used by Touch of Class to describe the drop of a bedspread.
  • The industry standard for "classic" bedspreads is a 21-inch drop.
  • The industry standard for "grande" bedspreads is a 24-inch drop.
Grande Oversized Bedspread

  • Classic bedspreads are designed to fit standard mattresses up to 8 inches thick.
  • Grande bedspreads are fashioned to fit deep mattresses up to 12 inches thick.

What Do Terms Like "Square Corner" and "Rounded Corner" Mean?

Bedspreads also have decorative corners where the side panels meet the foot panel. The two main styles, square and rounded, will usually appear on throw-style but not tailored-fit or fitted bedspreads.

Bedspread Corner Types

  • Square: Corner is square-shaped with a central bottom point.
  • Rounded: Corner has a bell-like shape; more commonly known as a "bell corner."

Do Bedspreads Have Fill Inside of Them? Which Kind of Material Is Best?

Lined Bedspread

Lined bedspreads with a "cotton" or "poly/cotton" reverse will have a thin layer of fiber fill inside of them. The quilted designs, decorative or not, help to secure fill between the reverse side and the bedspread face.

Unlined Bedspreads

Unlined bedspreads that are not quilted generally do not have fill inside. Chenille and matelasse bedspreads are only a single layer of fabric. So, they cannot be quilted, and fill cannot be sealed inside of them.

Bedspreads can be filled with natural fibers (plant-based) or with manufactured fibers (created by people.) Although both have their respective pros and cons, the best material for you depends on the temperature of your bedroom.

  • Cotton: Made from from cotton seeds, this plant-based fiber is durable and highly-absorbent; breathable cotton adds comfort to a warm bedroom or in hot, muggy climates.
  • Polyester (Poly): Quick-drying and lightweight, this manufactured fiber is toasty and warm in cooler climates or drafty bedrooms.