Need help finding a bedspread that fits?

We offer 2 bedspread lengths to accommodate most bed heights.

Our Classic bedspread has a 21" drop.
Standard bedspreads fit beds that measure 21" high
from top of mattress to floor.
Our Grande bedspread has a 24" drop.
Oversized bedspreads fits beds that measure24" high
from top of mattress to floor.

A simple measurement will determine
which length is the best fit for your bed.
Measure your bed at the corner, from the
top of the mattress to the floor. Then select
the bedspread drop length above that is
closest to your measurement.

Bedspread Styles

Fitted Bedspreads
with split corners

Throw Bedspreads
with bell corners

Ruffled Bedspreads
with split corners