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Wall Sconces

Wall Sconces

Go for atmospheric accent lighting with candle wall sconces for the dining room, entryway, or living room. Fashioned from brass, iron, or even recycled wine barrel staves, these candlelit wall decorations add a certain poise to your surroundings.

Check out a wealth of styles from traditional to contemporary, plus finishes like gold, bronze, and silver.

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Although task lighting is certainly important, accent lighting can make or break the mood of a room. If your surroundings seem dim and lacking in personality, you can quickly remedy this with a sconce or two. Candle wall sconces, after all, can go just about anywhere: above the fireplace, over the sectional, on the dining room wall. Wherever they ultimately wind up, sconces create an enchanting ambience with flickering candle flames.

Consider a lonely piece of artwork stranded on the wall; you spent forever trying to find the right canvas for your living room, a piece depicting a Tuscan staircase crawling with vines and red blooms. Still, something seems to be missing. Here's where a lovely pair of wall candle holders comes in handy. With scrolling bases, pieced glass globes, and a rich gold finish, these sconces can be arranged one on each side of your painting. Dim the lights and light those candles for an evocative scene.

Where else can sconces work? It goes without saying that there's nothing better than taking a luxuriously-long bath amid glimmering candlelight. For your bath wall, pick out a candle sconce (or three!) in a finish that becomes the room. A wall candelabra in platinum silver lends a cooling aspect to a wall in soft azure. If you prefer more dynamic contrast, choose a modern tealight holder in bronze, and let geometric shapes pop against white walls.

In the foyer, too, sconces serve to make the space feel more finished. Flank the mirror over your console table with single taper sconces crafted from solid brass. Scroll and leaf designs add a traditional flavor that you might pair with an old-fashioned umbrella stand or a small chandelier. Decorative wall sconces for pillar candles, meanwhile, might lend more of a modern flair with a matte black finish and sleek glass cylinder hurricanes.

Although they're primarily used as accent lighting, sconces can also tackle a number of design issues. For example, you could use mirrored sconces to help open up a cramped room and add more light. If you need a large focal point as well as additional lighting, you might go for a swirling candelabra that resembles a metal wall sculpture. Seven candlecups ensure you'll bring a little luminance to a dark wall.

Finally, be sure to pay attention to the material used to construct your sconces. Obviously, a sconce fashioned from a recycled wine barrel might look out-of-place in a minimalist living room. In a dining room inspired by Italy, however, this sort of design encourages guests to dig in and imbibe. Metal wall candle holders shaped like branches with pine cones, however, could be just what you need for a cozy cabin aesthetic.

In any case, you can create just the sort of look you want with beautiful candle sconces. Wall decor with a luminous glow will surely attract eyes and bring a more polished presence to your room overall.