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Wall Sconces
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Sconces are perfect for when you want to bring a little atmospheric candlelight to a room. Consider the dining area, where a sconce flanks each side of a breathtaking window. A romantic glow softens the room while freeing up table space for a simple vase of flowers.

In the stairwell, a diagonal procession of sconces creates a moody ambience. Choose silver sconces for candles, and let a satin nickel finish gleam against a pale wall. Or, let warm brass assert itself against dark blue instead.

Having evolved far beyond the Baroquian fixtures you might find in a drafty castle corridor, sconces can truly go anywhere. In the bathroom, for example, a pair of sconces might hem a mirror with a matching frame. Find plenty of candle sconces for the living room as well. Abstract designs add contemporary flair, along with a graphic coffee table rug. Or, go for candle wall sconces for the bedroom, perfect for over the headboard or dresser.

Wondering how to go about arranging your new wall decor? If you plan on accenting a larger piece, go for a sconce pair. Fancy wall sconces on either end of a sprawling canvas lend gravitas to the entire display. You can also purchase single sconces. Find a large statement sconce that can stand on its own as a work-of-art. Finally, double wall sconces will support two of your candles with just one fixture.

Now that you've figured out how best to showcase your sconces, move on to color. Go for finishes that highlight the other metallics in your room: antique gold candle wall sconces, for example, will underscore the gleaming hand mirror on your vanity, the curvaceous legs of your upholstered stool. Bronze wall candle sconces, on the other hand, lend a robust tinge to a nearby table lamp in a similar hue.

Trying to strike a certain mood? Hark back to aristocratic eras with brass wall candle holders. The scrolled floral designs will echo the acanthus leaves that flourish on a nearby picture frame. Iron, meanwhile, will give your surroundings an Old World feel. Let sinuous curves establish interest on warm, color-washed walls.

Create exactly the look you're envisioning, whether it's formal with glass cylinder hurricanes or more laid-back with bare candles. From color to material, winnow down design decisions until you're left with the perfect sconce.