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Wall Decorations Glossary

What is a taper candle sconce? How about a beveled mirror? When searching for a new piece of wall decor, you're bound to run across some unfamiliar terms. Here, you'll find quick definitions to make shopping online much less of a gamble. Make certain that a "pallet-style" wall plaque will fit the look you're aiming for, and figure out whether you want a wall sconce for your taper or pillar candles.

14-Gauge Steel
14-Gauge Steel
Sheet metal 1/8th of an inch thick used to create a sconce, sign, or hook rack; this is roughly the thickness of a nickel and is an indication of quality wall art.

Acanthus Leaf
Acanthus Leaf
A decorative motif that features leafy tendrils and scrolls; this Greek-inspired design can be found on mirror frames, vanity trays, and even in upholstery patterns.

The part of a sconce or wall sign that connects the decorative piece to the wall.

Beveled Mirror Edge

The quality of mirror glass where the outer edges slope slightly.

Capiz Shell Mirror Frame

Capiz Shell
The interior of an oyster shell used to create decorative items, like mirror frames.

Hurricane Sconce
Hurricane (Chimney)
The glass cylinder that encases a candle, protecting the flame from drafts and adding a formal look to the wall sconce.

Lacquered Sconce
A coating applied in liquid form to wall decor that then hardens into a protective layer.

Lithographic Print of Flowers
A piece of art produced by taking oil-based ink impressions from a flat metal plate.

Window Pane Mirror
The horizontal or vertical bars between the panes of a window.

Openwork Clock
Designs with decorative openings that frame a mirror, form the backplate of a sconce, or decorate a shelf.

Pallet Style Sign

Pallet Style
A sign or plaque formed from a series of wooden boards that once formed the framework of a "pallet," used to transport goods.

Pillar Candle
Pillar Candle
A thick, cylindrical candle that is the same diameter throughout.

Polyurethane Flowers
A synthetic resin that is popular for mirror frames or bed crowns.

Powder Coat Finish
Powder Coat Finish
A dry, fine-grained substance applied to a wall sign, sconce, or plate rack through static electricity and later hardened into a durable outer layer in an oven; it is resistant to UV rays, tarnish, and weather, making it essential for outdoor decor displayed year-round.

Precision Cut Wreath Hanger
Precision Cut
The crisp look on the edges of a metal wall sign created by a plasma cutter machine.

Coastal Wall Clock
Quartz Movement
Where a battery sends an electrical pulse through a crystal shard, which then powers the hand on a clock.

Flowers in Relief
Raised designs that project out from the background of wall decor.

Resin Roses on a Shelf
A synthetic material that can resemble stone or metal but is lightweight, making it ideal for hanging on the wall.

Slatted Wall Decor
A wall sign or plaque that resembles the pieced look of wooden planks fitted together.

Taper Candle
A long, slender candle that narrows as the wax nears the wick.

Tealight Candle
Tealight Candle
A small candle used for decoration.