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Wall Art
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Get crafty with your wall art, and create an arrangement that's never been done! Bring a natural texture to your display with wood wall decor. For example, you could hang a handcrafted piece fashioned from wood slats over your headboard. Shaped like a sea turtle and saturated in hues of teal, white, and gray, this artwork punctuates the breezy pastel quilt below.

Or, for those after a glitzy focal point, why not hang up some metal flower wall art? Capiz shell petals and clear gem stamens bring a warm, creamy color to your walls. Play it up with a set of botany illustrations on parchment-colored paper, framed and hung in neat columns on either side of the artwork.

You can create a striking gallery wall with one of these accents as the centerpiece of your display. Birds wall art featuring prints in distressed black frames only adds to a vintage vibe. Hang these pictures over a long white floating shelf and then top its surface with nostalgic objects. From a string of turquoise-colored glass beads to an old book on birdwatching, your vignette will evoke the timeless pleasure of basking in nature.

Bring glamour to your entryway with peacock wall art, as well. A set of these elegant birds, each craning his neck in the opposite direction of the other, would look lovely flanking a bronze mirror. Arrange this over a dark-hued console table, then set it all off with a blue and green bowl for catching keys or mail on your way inside.

If you're more partial to seahorses, butterflies, or even elephants, you'll find plenty of animal artwork for little inklings of the deep sea or even the golden Serengeti.

Wooden signs can certainly make a statement, but what if you're going for something more abstract? Find gold and bronze wall art depicting an openwork grid of metal prisms. It's just the thing for a room with other metallic finishes, such as those found in a pendant light or in the details of a sculpture.

Finally, those with more concrete tastes can show off metal word art, each proclaiming such sentiments as "sweet dreams," "live, love, laugh," or "living the dream." Plus, allude to your greatest passions with coffee, wine, or music wall art. However you choose to decorate, make it your own with an attractive piece of wall art.