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Victorian Christmas

Victorian Christmas

Evoke nostalgic scenes with Victorian Christmas mantel decorations, tree accents, and wall art. Velveteen Christmas stockings, glittering tapestries, and opulent table linens all harken back to a gorgeous era where Christmas festivities first rose to popularity.

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Travel back in time to a period defined by opulent grace. A Victorian Christmas made use of rich crimsons, deep greens, and elegant gold decorations that are still quite popular in modern homes. If you're looking to bring a nostalgic tone to the holidays this year, you'd do well to invest in a few of these timeless accents.

If you're a true fan of the Victorian Era, you'll know that there was a fireplace for just about every room in those days. While that may be a bit overboard in today's home, you should still pay special attention to this mainstay of your living room. Start with Christmas mantel decorations like scarves, stockings, and statuettes. An old-time Father Christmas sculpture from Jim Shore(R) of Heartwood Creek(R) radiates a vintage sensibility. An angel table topper in glittering gold illuminates your Victorian style. Display one of these lovely items in the center of your mantel, then surround it with scarlet candles on ornate, scrolling candleholders.

Classically-minded decorators will want all the usual staples of holiday decorating, and velveteen Christmas stockings are a must-have with a Victorian spin. Choose a burgundy color with a green stocking cuff you can personalize with any name you like. "Merry Christmas" embroidered in a refined gold cursive enhances a group of gifts with gold bows.

You can also browse these fireplace Christmas decorations for fringed burgundy and cream stockings, or you can go all-out with stockings featuring sequined gift boxes and dangling jingle bells. With the Victorian style, generally the more ornamentation there is the better; though you might want to stick to a palette of three or four main colors to avoid visually overwhelming the room. Offset Christmassy burgundy tones with a wall pocket full of greenery and ornaments.

Naturally, your Christmas tree is also a major point of consideration—and as it turns out, a lot of the traditions we follow today originated in Victorian Britain. Why not pay homage to those age-old customs with Victorian Christmas decorations for the tree? For example, a red and green tree skirt with sequined swirls or embroidered pine trees looks just lovely beneath your scarlet ornaments.

Be sure to include old-time accents that harken back to snowy Victorian streets. A Christmas lamppost decoration will convey a sense of historical beauty, whether it's featured in a set of deer figures or a pair of outdoor topiaries for your front porch. Craft your own little holiday village with Christmas figurines, if you so choose, and let it sprawl out along a countertop or window ledge.

Finally, what would a Victorian Christmas be without a few snowy carriage scenes? A tapestry or canvas with lights depicts sleepy village streets lined with bustling shop fronts and the soft glow of windows. Hang one of these over a console table that houses your Victorian lady figurines, or simply display it in the foyer, so all will know they're headed for a good old-fashioned Christmas!