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Different Types of Bedding: The Bedspread

When it comes to choosing a bedding style, the bedspread is a worthy option. Full-length and easy to make in the mornings, it's a no-fuss choice that still looks classy. Plus, looks range from clean minimalism to the ostentatious. Do you prefer the neat and tidy look of a fitted bedspread? Or are you more partial to the elegant, ornamental grace of a throw-style bedspread?

Read on to find a look tailored to your own unique sense of style!

Bedspread Styles

Oversized Fitted Bedding

Fitted Bedspreads

This type of bedspread is tailored to fit the corners and sides of a bed. Each corner on the foot panel of the bedspread is divided into an inset with a flap. Called a "gusseted corner," this design feature accommodates beds with bed post legs and footboards.

Fitted bedspreads cover pillows in various ways. Bedspreads might have a tailored fit, which will not cover pillows. Or, they might have a turn back or reverse tuck flap, which will cover pillows. Finally, they may simply have a longer size to allow for tucking pillows.

Tailored Blue Bedspread

A Fitted Bedspread...

  • Has split corners
  • May or may not cover pillows
  • Has side and foot panels that can be fitted, pleated, or gathered

Throw Bedspreads

A throw bedspread has two square or rounded corners on its foot panel. Rounded corners are often referred to as "bell corners." These adornments project out from the foot of the bed. Unlike the fitted style, these bed coverings do not have split corners for bed posts or footboards. Throw bedspreads will also cover pillows.

Elegant Matelasse Bedspread

A Throw Bedspread...

  • Does not have split corners
  • Will cover pillows
  • Has bell or square corners on its foot panel