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Tuscan & Italian

Tuscan & Italian

Cultivate sun-baked Mediterranean vibes with Italian and Tuscan decor. Choose from rich woven tapestries, wooden and metal furnishings, handpainted canvases, and even kitchen accents. Earthy hues like verdi bronze, antique brown, sage green, and muted blue will whisk you away to a rustic old world scene.

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Revel in the golden warmth and pastoral beauty of Tuscan decor right inside your own home. Combining elements from nature with countryside simplicity, this style exudes casual comfort even as it conjures exotic destinations. If you've a flair for all things Mediterranean, browse Italian decor that brings you one step closer to a sunny villa somewhere on a cypress-lined hill.

    Not sure where to start? With a style this distinctive, it's certainly easy to go overboard. Begin by working in subtle yet functional elements, such as wrought iron shelves or unusual switchplates.

  • On the Walls: The key to this decorating style is bringing in a piece or two that appears to have been passed down from the Rococo period. Mix in modern furnishings with a wooden mirror framed in aged gold medallion accents. Be sure to capture wide-open windows and hanging plant holders teeming with ivy in the mirror's reflection!

    The perfect piece of art, meanwhile, brings a Tuscan landscape into your home when your window fails to overlook sunflower fields and sprawling vineyards. Hang an Italy painting depicting pastures flourishing with lavender blossoms, then work this lavender shade into a quatrefoil throw pillow or a coffee table book.

    You can also turn to rich tapestries, scroll wall decor, or even metal sculptures for a stunning piece of Italian wall art. Displayed on a sponged wall that resembles stucco, your artwork will take on a more authentic look.

  • In the Kitchen: As the heart of the Italian home, your kitchen and dining areas should be filled with plenty of chairs, a generous table, and some magnificent lighting. Good food and wine, after all, is a recurring motif in this magnificent culture. Shop Tuscan kitchen decor for cushioned floor mats with wine bottles, vegetables, or fruits. Memory foam will pad your feet while you're whipping up culinary masterpieces at your own stove!

    Choose from canisters in earthy hues, adorable chef bookends, and even rooster-themed napkin and paper towel holders. A bouquet of sunflowers in a simple glass vase will top off your tablescape.

  • In the Living Room: With its great emphasis on family, the Italian decorating style lends itself well to your den or living room. Explore rich Mediterranean decor for furnishings that mix wood and metal materials for an old world feel. A dark bronze table with a wooden top is perfect beside the recliner; stash all your travelogues and home dec catalogs in the magazine rack at the bottom.

    Looking to dress up your mantel? It's as simple as picking out a metal fireplace screen. Ornamented with brown scrolls and leaves, it fits right in with the potted olive tree in your corner.

If you've long admired this sun-baked style, it's time to finally introduce a few Italian-inspired pieces into your decorating. Pick out accents that fill your head with scenes of olive groves or wisteria-draped balconies.