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Tier Window Treatments

Tier Window Treatments

Refine your windows with cafe curtains 24 to 36 inches in length. Displayed alone or paired with coordinating valances, curtain tiers soften your panes and provide privacy. Shop colors from golden yellow to white, and choose from lacework, stripes, fruit, and more designs.

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Lend a relaxed look to your windows with curtain tiers and valances. Generally covering the lower half or lower two-thirds of a window, these beauties let in light while giving you privacy. Explore traditional styles and quirky designs, from gingham patterns to fruit motifs.

Wondering if tier curtains might be a better alternative to classic drapes? Here's when you should use these low-key window treatments:

  • For a casual atmosphere, cafe curtains work wonders. They're more subtle than their longer counterparts and are perfect for rooms with low ceilings, especially when paired with valances.
  • Soften the ambient lighting in a hallway or bathroom. Hang sheer tier curtains and lace tier curtains for a serene and breezy aura.
  • If you only need to cover the lower portion of the window for privacy, tiers are a great option.
  • Tiers are also excellent for high traffic areas, like the kitchen or bath, where they won't get underfoot.

Historically, window tiers were first used in European cafes, and they make charming kitchen window curtains to this day. Hang them over the sink or all around a quaint table for instant charm. Kitchen cafe curtains can also be styled with valances to soften the upper window. As bathroom window curtains, a simple pair of tiers can immerse you in a feeling of serenity. Watch them float overhead as you soak in a tub filled with your favorite bath tea.

Certain designs lend themselves better to specific locations, such as apples and pears on cafe kitchen curtains. For Mediterranean flair or even a rustic country vibe, rooster kitchen tier curtains are quite versatile. Finally, wine kitchen curtains add appeal with corkscrew vines and plump grapes. In your powder room, cultivate calm with floral and seashell tiers.

Before you decide on a specific pattern, however, it's always best to measure your window first. This helps you decide which length to choose, whether that's 24" long or 36" long.

  • Measure the length starting at the halfway point of your window (or 2/3s of the way up, if you prefer.)
  • Stop measuring where you want the tier to fall, generally at the windowsill.
  • Round to the nearest whole inch. This is the length you'll need for the perfect window ensemble.

Find attractive window treatments for your kitchen, bathroom, and other areas of the home. Go for a laid-back approach that invites you to sit a while and admire the view.