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Stone Soup Santas
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Stone Soup Santas

The magnificent Stone Soup Santas are sought after by collectors and for good reason. These cherished holiday sculptures are designed and handmade from the finest materials by Shelie and Richard McCall from Stone Soup. Hand-assembled in the USA, each Santa features details so real you will definitely look twice. Santa's face is hand-sculpted, then perfected with handpainted details and a Tibetan wool beard. Embellishments like fur trim, ribbons, and greenery will draw you back to these sculptures time after time. Santa makes friends everywhere he goes, so you might see some animal buddies accompanying him, perhaps a small fawn, plush donkey, or trio of playful black bears.

Hand-signed, limited edition Stone Soup Santas will be a source of pride in your home. Charm family and friends with these lovingly crafted and original Christmas decorations.

About Stone Soup Santas
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Thinking about decorating with a Santa doll? With the right placement and decorating style, large Father Christmas figures can add a sense of whimsy to your holiday home. Kindly, lifelike faces and fabric attire bring realism to your entire display, whether you place your Santa at the base of your tree or your fireplace.

Each sculpture stands at a little over two feet tall, so be prepared to command attention when you decorate with a Stone Soup Santa. This is why placement is so important; you don't want to overwhelm your space with too many focal points, even if Christmas is that time of year where it's expected to go a little overboard. Try situating your Santa Claus doll in an unoccupied corner of the foyer, where he can greet guests with his good-hearted smile. Or, let Santa shine on a staircase landing, surrounded by small decorative gift boxes.

One characteristic all Stone Soup Santas seem to share is their old world, slightly rustic appeal. A woodland Santa will fit right in amongst pine cone wreaths and deer figures on the mantel. For his part, your Stone Soup Santa gathers his forest friends close, whether they're fawns, squirrels, or bear cubs. Generally, these sculptures are attired in earthy browns and greens, with faux fur trimming his winter robe. His Tibetan wool beard adds a grizzled yet gentle appearance that isn't out-of-character for a mountain man!

What if your holiday style has more of an old world vibe? A Santa doll garbed in shepherd's clothing wouldn't look amiss amongst antique style ornaments—or even a nativity scene. With his donkey companion carrying a saddle bag of grapes, this sculpture might even be a fitting addition to a wine-themed Christmas. Merlot-hued ribbons and tiny wine bottle ornaments adorn your tree, completing the sophisticated vibe so essential to this decorating theme.

Whether he's carrying a canoe or trekking across the wilderness with his animal pals, a Stone Soup Santa is sure to bring personality to any setting.