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Longing for a rugged look? Browse Western bedding patterned with woven diamonds or geometrics. Western-style wall decor, window treatments, and area rugs give your home that rustic quality you crave. Choose from hues of sage, ember glow, russet, and turquoise, and decorate with Kokopelli, suns, cowboy designs, and more.

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Warm and rustic, the Southwest style is perfect if you're a fan of homestead-inspired motifs: wagon wheels, horseshoes, and barn stars. At the same time, you can incorporate more fantastical elements like Kokopelli, beaded feathers, and bright pops of turquoise for a playful twist.

    Let your own sense of style emerge, whether you like a colorful infusion of Mexican-inspired elements or a rugged look that springs straight from the heart of an Old West ranch.

  • Bedroom: If you actually live in the Southwest, you'll want to go for bed linens that are breathable and don't trap heat. Find geometric-patterned quilts among our Western bedding, and build out your bedroom around shades of orange, brown, red, and aqua. A solid persimmon-colored throw at the foot of your bed will help break up patterns and play right into your color scheme.

    Bedspreads and comforter ensembles, meanwhile, might be better-suited to cooler climates. Find Southwestern bedding with diamond prints, as well as pieced waves that mimic the striations in a canyon wall.

  • Walls: Create an intriguing display over the couch, above the fireplace, or even amongst family photos. A desert scene fashioned from metal makes for an unusual piece of Southwestern wall decor. You can also find pieces portraying steer skulls, pottery, or suns.

  • Window: Another place you might sneak in some Western twang is on your window panes. Particularly if the rest of the room is low-key—a faux buffalo rug beneath a simple coffee table, for example—Southwestern drapes provide a punch of color.

    Which should you go for? If a more relaxed environment is your aim, find Southwestern curtains with grommets. Rod pockets tend to make a room feel more formal.

  • Furniture: Try to work in some Mission-inspired elements wherever possible. This classic style, popularized during the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, makes use of straight lines and thick, sturdy legs. Find a wine rack, end table, and more furnishings exemplifying exactly these sorts of design elements among our Southwest style furniture.

  • Kitchen: What would the sizzling Southwest be without the heart of the home? Southwest kitchen decor includes vibrant canisters, tribal-inspired table linens, and cowboy wine accents. With a warm-toned rug situated beneath your table and chairs, your dining room will ascend to soaring new heights. Top it all off with some potted succulents, cacti, and other desert greenery, and your Southwest look is locked in!