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Sheer Window Treatments

Sheer Window Treatments

Pick out sheer window treatments in bold red, pristine white, soft cream, and a variety of other colors. Sheers filter sunlight through gauzy fabric while still giving you privacy, so they're perfect for those who can't resist the sunshine! Explore plenty of on-trend designs, including animal print, embroidery, ombre, and geometric patterns.

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Looking to lighten up a dim room or perhaps just add a more feminine feel to your rustic farmhouse? Sheer window treatments serve a variety of purposes, from the practical to the aesthetic, so you can pull off the perfect ensemble for every pane.

    Start by considering which size you'll need, then work your way from there!

  • Looking into Lengths: Before you do anything else, dig up that tape measure. Determine the distance from where your curtain rod will be all the way down to the floor (if that's where you'd like your curtains to stop).

    Generally speaking, 63" sheer panels hang to the sill, 84" panels hang to the floor, and 95" panels "puddle" on the floor for most standard windows. However, a 95" length may stop short of the floor on a taller window, so springing for a 108" or 120" panel might not be a bad idea!

    To get that ideal gathered look, you'll want the total width of your sheer curtains to be at least two times the width of your window. This is measured by finding the distance from the outermost edge of one side of your window frame to the other outermost edge.

  • Considering Color: With size all squared away, you're free to consider more interesting aspects, like color! Capture that quintessential look while maintaining your privacy with white semi sheer curtains. In a rustic bedroom, these add an air of flirtatious romance as they billow in the breeze. A lightly-weathered end table and an over-dyed rug can help keep the space grounded.

    Cream sheer curtains are an excellent alternative to classic white, but you can also liven things up with more conspicuous colors of burgundy, blue, green, or red. Sheer panels will filter light through the vivid fabric, creating an intriguing effect in any living space.

  • Playing with Patterns: Is your room composed mostly of broad swaths of solid color? Help break up the visual monotony with printed sheer curtains. Animal print, for example, lends a tinge of sass to a room done up in bright, punchy hues.

    Likewise, embroidered sheer curtains featuring tone-on-tone leaves are a soft, unobtrusive addition to a transitional den. Shop patterned sheer curtains done up in ombre, zebra print, tropical leaves, or retro waves, and you're well on your way to the perfect panes!