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Santa and Friends

Santa and Friends

The Santa and Friends collection: it's your one-stop shop for figurines and more featuring Santa and Mrs. Claus, his animal pals, or even pajama-clad children. Feel the love this holiday season with Santa and snowman wall art and even stocking holders that convey Christmas camaraderie.

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Santa is definitely a recurring character in the realm of Christmas decorating, but far too often, he's depicted all by his lonesome, packing along a bag of toys or making lists alone at his desk. But that's not the case in the Santa and Friends collection! These holiday decorations demonstrate the magic of togetherness and celebrating with the ones you love.

What are you hoping to convey with your Santa decorations? The sleepy innocence of tiny tots on Christmas Eve? The loving bond between Mrs. Claus and her hardworking hubby? Whatever you cherish most about the holiday season, you can usually find a Santa statue or two that captures the general spirit.

Start with figurines by Jim Shore(R) from Heartwood Creek(R). Handcrafted of stone resin, these little sculptures have an almost whittled look with their folksy details. Here, a Santa Claus statue is portrayed in pale robes amongst rabbits, raccoons, squirrels, and other woodland creatures. His abundant love for all forest creatures is clearly mutual, as the animals cluster curiously around Santa, investigating the folk-art designs that scroll across his winter coat.

If you're an animal lover with a penchant for rustic style, you may also what to check out the Stone Soup Santa Claus sculptures. Large in size and handmade from polymer clay and Tibetan wool, these kindly Santas cavort with opossums and otters and fawns. You can also find Santa and his forest friends on canvases for the wall. Whether he's trekking through the Arctic with polar bears and snowy owls or lugging toys alongside black bears and red foxes, Santa is surely beloved by all in the animal kingdom.

Collectible Santa figurines from Possible Dreams(R) feature pals of a more domestic sort too; mischievous kittens and adoring pups assist Santa in all of his many Yuletide activities. No one is quite so helpful as Mrs. Claus, however, as she helps Santa put on his scarf and serve up treats to the elves. Some of these figurines are exclusives for Touch of Class(R), featuring the happy couple enjoying soup and dancing with hands interlocked. You'll be the envy of all who set foot in your home with decorations you can't find anywhere else.

For those that adore the bond between Santa and children the world over, turn to Santa and child figurines for accents you'll cherish always. In one Clothtique(TM) by Possible Dreams(R), Santa reads a book to a crowd of kids all clustered around him on his plush green chair. You'll even find him making cookies, enjoying candy, and celebrating baby's first tree with a stocking full of goodies. These statuettes are way too cute not too incorporate them into your decor.

Finally, if you find you're always drawn to the more whimsical side of Christmas, be sure to pick up a few snowman and Santa accents. Whether they're featured on a tapestry, in a stocking set, or even in a pair of plush mantel-top standers, these winter companions will warm your heart with tidings of friendship and love.