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Picture and Wall Ornaments
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It's time to give your favorite portrait or canvas a little extra oomph! Wall scrolls and picture toppers are designed with this exact purpose in mind. After all, even a masterpiece itself could use some embellishment, from time-to-time.

Don't fret; adding extra details won't tip your artwork into the dreaded realm of the overdone. Just find a design that speaks to the artwork itself. For example, crown wall decor is perfect when hung over an old world painting. Featuring an ancient staircase or ivy-covered turrets, your artwork adopts a more noble tone when crowned with an actual crown.

Looking for a little something to spice up your gallery wall? Whether it's filled with photographs or a series of prints, an entirely two-dimensional arrangement can wind up feeling monotonous. Find dimensional wall art to mix in with your pictures, including scrolling leaves or even shells. Above a "beach rules" plaque, a seashell topper in pastel hues adds a tasteful oceanic element.

Perhaps you'd like to bring a spot of classical inspiration to your surroundings. In which case, go for architectural wall art resembling the pediments found on Greek monuments. Acanthus leaves in particular lend themselves well to a Romanesque feel. Keep it from feeling too thematic with sleek, simple furnishings and some greenery in a glazed white pot.

Above all, these accents are here to enrich your current arrangement, not detract form it. Traditional wall decor, bearing fleurs-de-lis and ivory magnolias, makes an excellent addition to works already framed with a similar design or finish.

Then again, maybe you're just accentuating the family photo wall? Spring instead for a metal tree topper with trendy, mirrored leaves. This is a particularly good choice if you want to express the idea of "the family tree" without being too obvious.

Whether you're looking for an aged-looking vineyard plaque or just some crown wall art, find that perfect something to truly shake up your arrangement.