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Peacock Themed Home Decor

Peacock Themed Home Decor

Add a little drama to your look with peacock decor for the living room, bath, and more. Browse canvases, area rugs, sculptures, and wall art in jeweled shades of aqua, gold, blue, and green. With their enchanting train of feathers, peacocks add a tinge of drama to any setting.

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If you're a fan of sapphire blue, dreamy aqua, and scintillating silver, then you're probably a fan of peacock decor. Living room rugs, tabletop vases, and chairside lamps depict exotic plumage, lending a regal air to your surroundings.

    Have you always admired the Art Nouveau look? Then you certainly can't go wrong with a ravishing flourish of feathers. Likewise, go for a more eclectic spin and let toss pillows and books pick up on jewel-toned pigments in the canvas hanging over the sofa.

  • Wall: What better place to fan out the crowning glory of your room than right in plain sight? Peacock feather wall art offers a magnified, slightly-abstract take that might work well in a contemporary environment. Work shades of green, blue, brown, and cream into your surroundings, such as a boldly-upholstered ottoman or a kaleidoscopic comforter.

    You can also find metal artwork for the walls that spotlights this magnificent creature. Acrylic gems accent the tail feathers, which adds a lustrous gleam among more matte decorations.

  • Tabletop: Perhaps you're not quite certain how to set off that accent table or wall niche. In which case, peacock accessories are your ticket to a stylish arrangement. Find a ceramic vase limned with a peacock and vining blossoms for an Asian influence.

    Candleholders are a popular addition to the coffee table, particularly when they feature bedazzled trains of feathers. A peacock sculpture, on the other hand, might suit a credenza, especially one with a mirror above it to reflect back the hypnotic details of the plumage below.

  • Bathroom: The powder room is often a place for preening and primping, so it's only fitting that a peacock or two finds his way into your decorating. Discover a powder room plaque among our peacock bathroom decor; shades of teal and lapis can be easily matched to a coordinating shower curtain or towel set.

  • Bedroom: Cool colors are ideal for the bedroom where they promote rest and calm, but things don't have to look totally lackluster, either. Peacock bedroom decor, including stained glass lamps and area rugs, will bring visual impact to your surroundings. Balance it all out with a soft-spoken coverlet and some mid-tone window treatments.

You can bring a technicolor splash to just about any room in your home, when you decorate with these brilliant birds. So, find a piece that suits your taste. Whether you're on the flashier side or prefer something more subdued, the perfect touch awaits!