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Large Wall Sconces

Large Wall Sconces & Sconce Pairs

Make an impressive statement in your home with our large wall sconces. These oversized accents will light up broad walls; paired with mirrors, photo frames or furnishings of a similar scale, large sconces will cast an opulent glow upon any room. Let our large candle wall sconces complement your decorating vision with a vast array of finishes and styles; whether you prefer an aged, elaborate look or something more whimsical, find a sconce that lends your decor the accomplished appearance you seek.

Find wall sconces to show off those candles you've been dying to use; our large sconces will accommodate your pillar or taper candles. Some sconces can even accept both types, making for a highly-versatile wall accent you can switch up anytime. Choose a wall sconce pair to accentuate a pretty mirror, double doorway or canvas painting, or allow a single sconce to create isolated impact on a wall.

Make a Statement with Large Candle Wall Sconces

Complement your color scheme with a brilliantly-finished wall sconce. Jet black, antique bronze and rustic brown provide deep, rich shades to your walls; use these colors to evoke a vintage atmosphere among heirloom furnishings and elaborate wallpaper. You can also choose a large wall sconce in champagne gold, satin nickel or platinum for a soft and regal touch. Finally, give your walls some vibrant splendor with bright pigments like green, teal or grape.

You can also enhance your decorating theme with a large candle wall sconce. Our Tuscan and Italian sconces, adorned with metal scrolls and wrought iron backplates, create antiqued, Mediterranean appeal. French styles feature golden fleur-de-lis motifs, while our old world luminaries offer mosaic-crackled hurricanes and pressed designs. You can even revisit fashions from centuries passed with our glamorous Victorian or Greek & Roman designs. Get your hands on a few large candle wall sconces, and see how these luminous accents can help develop your decor.